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CWD in Wisconsin

11/2/19 @ 6:59 AM
User since 2/16/17

Why is everything with the DNR and some members of the public in regards to CWD a crisis and sky is falling scenario? CWD has been around since the 1960s out west. It was discovered in Wisconsin over 10 years ago. It was going to wipe out the deer herd and the economy.  Be a threat to deer hunting as we have known it. The DNR tried to eradicate the deer herd around Mt Horeb and other places where CWD was prevalent but to no avail. If CWD is such a threat to wipe out the deer population,  how come the deer population is higher than ever near Mt Horeb and other areas where is prevalent? Lot of people claim the past approach on CWD as not being aggressive enough. What do people want done ? Killing more deer or eradicating has not been the solution or showed any effect. People screaming we have to do something an acting on pure emotion and not logic is not the answer.  To date I don't think anything scientifically has been proven to be the answer.  Why keep killing or over harvesting does in many areas because they might have CWD? If the deer is unnecessarily killed by a hunter or dies if CWD it is dead either way. Amazing how the DNR is influencing the CDACS in many areas to issue doe tags in many areas when not needed especially in the northern third of the state where in many areas the deer population is low due to over harvest of does in the past using a flawed SAK population formula for many years by DNR.  Since CWD is much more prevalent in older bucks if anything dnr should encourage shooting of bucks not does. I am not buying the deer herd has recovered up north in 2-3 years cause it hasn't.  The DNR and others are using CWD as an excuse to kill more deer and possibly sell more doe tags that aren't needed keeping the deer population numbers at or near 30 year lows in areas up north.  Reading a recent article in Wisconsin Outdoor News quoting Bob Nack of DNR. States we are losing deer hunters.  Hunters aren't happy.  They aren't seeing  deer.  Getting out of the sport. Do you blame them. Memo to Bob Nack and Kevin Wallenfang of the DNR, if you want to sell more licenses and keep people in the sport and bring new people in, increase the deer population in many areas. It isn't rocket science,  a lot of hunters are not happy.  I wish the DNR would stop posting all these bogus pr deer forecasts saying deer hunting will be great all over the state when it isn't.  Deer hunters would have a lot more respect for the DNR if their reports were accurate and hunters don't have false expectations.  Back to CWD.  What do people want done in regards to CWD when nothing has proven to work. ? I think testing if hunters want to know status of deer they shot and good disposal of carcasses are the only things to be done now in addition to banning baiting statewide permanently period. What do others think?

TODAY @ 7:08 AM
Swamp buck
User since 1/23/09

Where's your plan Little Luck? You act like you know everything so whats the solution? All you have done is complain

TODAY @ 5:08 AM
User since 6/24/01

The problem with CWD is a basic understanding that gets thrown to the window when the bar stool scientist take over. Hunting land in south west wi leased for 2 years 8 deer shot and 6 positive results. Deer Czar From 2010 must have not known much about CWD either. Data collected before 2010 was necessary to establish some type of record 2010 didnt need that data.

12/15/19 @ 10:48 PM
User since 2/16/17


Funny thing is I don't have an ego at all. I can admit when I make a mistake or am wrong. You want to talk to someone who has a huge ego and will never admit his failures talk to Kevin Wallenfang and other senior deer managers with the dnr.  Hundreds of thousands of people have seen and dealt with with their failures for decades and they are still in denial. Listen to their excuses again this year. Amazing how when people cant bring anything to the table to make a point, bring an educated opinion or information and have never talked to anyone on this site., they resort to giving them label. Pretty weak 

12/15/19 @ 9:29 PM
Fish Sandwich
User since 8/30/10

I tested a positive buck in archery. It sucks. The only reasonable way to kill the prion is 50/50 bleach and water soak for 45 minutes. 

The buck was shot in october, and it took ten days to get the results back. It was cold enough to let hang for five days, which I prefer. I butchered, and deboned the meat, and let it age in the garage fridge for another few days before putting the meat in the chest freezer. I threw the carcass behind the house. 

Test comes back positive. First one ever. Bleaching the knives is no big deal, although after 30 minutes they started to rust. The garage floor, no big deal, although it smelled up the garage pretty good. Of course the meat bags leaked in my garage fridge. That was a pain. Then there was my hunting clothes. The CWD is pretty much going to stay on those and get spread wherever I wear them, since I can't afford to destroy them in bleach. It is also on my side-by-side and aluminum trailer. And now I have an infected carcass in my backyard that my dog and the local critters have been chewing on. 

You can see how we are helping this thing spread. It feels disgusting and I'm ready to hang it up. 

12/15/19 @ 8:47 PM
Doug Stange's Evil Twin
User since 9/25/15

Little luck-

Your ego deserves its own zip code

12/15/19 @ 4:58 PM
User since 12/4/13

Has anyone seen a true cwd deer? what was your experience? Besides a test result in mail ?  

Would like to here from those hunters only whos deer were affected and hear about what they have seen


12/15/19 @ 1:46 PM
User since 4/2/10

Archery killed buck tested positive in Sheboygan county now. First wild one found in that county. 

12/15/19 @ 11:47 AM
User since 8/31/11

...if the WI DNR was in charge of snow removal it would look like this.

12/15/19 @ 11:18 AM
User since 2/16/17

What 8 years of science data specifically are you speaking of.? The elected officials didn't tell the dnr to do eradication that didnt work. They didnt tell the dnr  to decimate the deer herd by issuing loads of doe tags and killing lots of healthy deer unnecessarily . If you call this science, it is the worst trial and error science with nothing to back it up that I and many others have seen. If elected officials said the dnr policies on cwd weren't working it was because it was true and their policies still arent working or having any effect on cwd. Some the dnr just cant handle the truth about their failed ways. And they use the garbage that everything they do is science? Use that word science loosely to make it look like they are using real science which they arent to make decisions.  If I used their garbage science in the private sector my company would have been out of business in about 2 years. You and the dnr want to keep using the same failed ways for deer management including cwd expecting a different result . Here is the problem. And it is pathetic that you and the dnr call this crap science.  Don't insult the intelligence of us scientists who are using real science to get results and solve problems. 

12/15/19 @ 4:39 AM
User since 6/24/01
People were told it wasn't working by the 2010 elected officials They had 8 years of science based data that they totally disregarded to go with a foolish gut feeling. Then they decided to return to science. When they came ut with a plan those in the art where it was found refused to cooperate in a large part making things much more problematic. Whether or not it would of helped wont be known because 2010 they threw in the towel.

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