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CWD in Wisconsin

11/2/19 @ 6:59 AM
User since 2/16/17

Why is everything with the DNR and some members of the public in regards to CWD a crisis and sky is falling scenario? CWD has been around since the 1960s out west. It was discovered in Wisconsin over 10 years ago. It was going to wipe out the deer herd and the economy.  Be a threat to deer hunting as we have known it. The DNR tried to eradicate the deer herd around Mt Horeb and other places where CWD was prevalent but to no avail. If CWD is such a threat to wipe out the deer population,  how come the deer population is higher than ever near Mt Horeb and other areas where is prevalent? Lot of people claim the past approach on CWD as not being aggressive enough. What do people want done ? Killing more deer or eradicating has not been the solution or showed any effect. People screaming we have to do something an acting on pure emotion and not logic is not the answer.  To date I don't think anything scientifically has been proven to be the answer.  Why keep killing or over harvesting does in many areas because they might have CWD? If the deer is unnecessarily killed by a hunter or dies if CWD it is dead either way. Amazing how the DNR is influencing the CDACS in many areas to issue doe tags in many areas when not needed especially in the northern third of the state where in many areas the deer population is low due to over harvest of does in the past using a flawed SAK population formula for many years by DNR.  Since CWD is much more prevalent in older bucks if anything dnr should encourage shooting of bucks not does. I am not buying the deer herd has recovered up north in 2-3 years cause it hasn't.  The DNR and others are using CWD as an excuse to kill more deer and possibly sell more doe tags that aren't needed keeping the deer population numbers at or near 30 year lows in areas up north.  Reading a recent article in Wisconsin Outdoor News quoting Bob Nack of DNR. States we are losing deer hunters.  Hunters aren't happy.  They aren't seeing  deer.  Getting out of the sport. Do you blame them. Memo to Bob Nack and Kevin Wallenfang of the DNR, if you want to sell more licenses and keep people in the sport and bring new people in, increase the deer population in many areas. It isn't rocket science,  a lot of hunters are not happy.  I wish the DNR would stop posting all these bogus pr deer forecasts saying deer hunting will be great all over the state when it isn't.  Deer hunters would have a lot more respect for the DNR if their reports were accurate and hunters don't have false expectations.  Back to CWD.  What do people want done in regards to CWD when nothing has proven to work. ? I think testing if hunters want to know status of deer they shot and good disposal of carcasses are the only things to be done now in addition to banning baiting statewide permanently period. What do others think?

11/29/19 @ 2:37 AM
User since 7/3/01

In Adams County, access to deer is a huge problem.  It is a problem for hunters who want to harvest game.  It is a problem for CDAC's who manage deer populations.  

11/27/19 @ 2:35 PM
User since 12/14/12

Kona good comments, couple of things I would like to see more data on.

Concerning Iowa county prevalence rate of 25-30% positive on deer tested.  How many deer actually die due to CWD?  What has its impact been on the herds overall average age? Has average lifespan changed.

11/27/19 @ 1:28 PM
User since 12/20/12

Well stated Kona.

11/27/19 @ 12:24 PM
User since 6/20/13

Getting back to the original CWD topic we do have all our deer tested. The guys I hunt with are all over the state ( NE, SE, and SW-Wisc).. We do most of our own deer processing and sausage/brat making but do take some meat in to commercial places and are not really that concerned about potentially eating CWD meat. We mainly test the deer as our part to give the DNR more data on where CWD is in the state.

My main concern with CWD is that it has had a negative impact in certain states ( data has been posted on this already).. I also understand that an infected CWD deer will die (does anyone have disputing data on this??). I believe Iowa County is now up to a 25%-30% CWD level on deer tested.. Yes, there are lot of deer in the area and I get that argument, but that may not always be the case.. Agree that CWD is almost impossible to control with baiting bans, carcass laws etc but I would like to see WI (and other states) continue to do more research to better understand CWD and possible ramifications.  

As far as deer numbers in the state that discussion is driven by numerous factors depending on location. Agreed that the DNR gave away too many tags for several years in parts of the state and yes we have too many predators up North.. Of course no one forced guys to shoot 2-3 does those years with liberal tags up North. I would argue that in many Southern Cty's that access to land is the biggest issue. Way too many deer on lands that can no longer be hunted and public lands get over harvested. That is an impossible scenario for the DNR or CDAC's to address/control.


11/27/19 @ 12:01 PM
User since 11/11/15

Maloney's Baloney in Durand

Google it if needed.  Whichever side you're on, you'll find the story interesting

11/27/19 @ 10:28 AM
Doug Stange's Evil Twin
User since 9/25/15


11/27/19 @ 8:57 AM
User since 4/2/10

2 quick solutions. 

1. Bettter predator control in areas that need it. Bears, wolves coyotes need better control pretty much central Wis and north. More bear tags, and I know wolves are a federal issue now, but if they every get unlisted, they better clean house on them.

2. STOP with all the doe tags. Every hunter gets a either  sex tag with each license purchased, gun and bow. Thats it, no bonus tags, no $2 tags.  No one can complain that they couldn't harvest an animal because they didn't have a sex appropriate tag.  It worked that way for many years and there were no problems. Heck when I started hunting in the late 80s, you only got a doe tag every other year, the hunters choice tag. I  say lets go back to that if anyone thinks 1 either sex tag would be unfair. 

11/27/19 @ 8:33 AM
Swamp buck
User since 1/23/09

How many deer is acceptable then? You must have a number- what is it? The DNR is not perfect but there are alot of good smart people that work there and do care about the herd. Its not their job to make you, Little Luck, happy. Right now the north is getting pounded by a winter storm that will most likely keep hunters out of the woods -Is that the DNR's fault? I know hunters that never scout and go to the same place they always have went and complain they didn't see a deer.  Things change-try something different instead of complaining.

11/27/19 @ 7:55 AM
User since 2/16/17

Yes  other states are mismanaging their herds as well(killing too many does etc.) I guess hundreds of thousands of hunters in this state believe your so called dnr experts mismanaged and failed miserably for well over a decade that is why outside deer managers where brought in and county deer advisory councils were formed to better manage deer and take some of the power away and decision making from your failed experts.  Disgruntled dnr biologists and managers are still stomping their feet and throwing tantrums because they have lost some of their power. Tough if you would have done a good job cdacs would not have been necessary.  DNR is still doing end arounds to influence the cdacs with their same failed ways such as a flawed sak population estimate. Yes keep using a flawed formula that got us to 30 year deer lows in areas.  Make sense. Not. We tried your experts failed ways for like 20 years so we are going a different direction with the cdacs it can only get better it cant get much worse. In my job if I fail for not even a year and I don't have a job. DNR fails for 20 years they still have a job and want to do same failed ways. Declining deer license sales are just one reflection of your experts failures. They still have jobs and all.they do is keep making excuses instead of admitting their past and current failures. Some of you must have low expectations and standards for our dnr deer managers I and many others have much higher expectations that are realistic and it is not to see 9.7 deer every time out. Geeze that sounds remarkable similar to what Kevin Wallenfang has said, expect a deer behind every tree. That is his response to his many years of failure with deer management.  Time for others  also to stop making excuses for dnr and make them have some accountability. After all we are all paying their salaries.

11/27/19 @ 5:49 AM
Swamp buck
User since 1/23/09

Spot on Trouter. Guys like to complain that everything sucks -well where are your plans know-it-alls? Hunters have been taught for years that if a deer or any other animal is diseased, sick, or appears sick do not consume. But people on here say its no big deal...OK I believe you because you got your Ranger Rick biology pin.

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