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Buffalo County Cougar

11/29/23 @ 11:32 AM
User since 6/20/13

Just received the latest WON and of course read the whole story about the Archer who shot the cougar in Buffalo County. I was happy to see how the DNR responded and investigated the incident and cleared the hunter of any charges (with the local D/A). Hunter seemed like a very responsible person who represents the "hunting community" well.   Hard to imagine being in that position when sitting in a tree stand. Interesting to read about all the other reported cougar sightings this year.    

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12/1/23 @ 4:42 PM
User since 5/19/06
I guess I’m not sure. I try not to call names or otherwise disparage when engaging in anonymous internet discourse unless absolutely necessary, such as when someone describes covert cougar stocking programs conducted under a level of secrecy akin to the manhattan project. 
12/1/23 @ 4:35 PM
User since 7/22/12
So if I agree with CM what does that make me? Or if I agree with you Fish, what does that make me? 
12/1/23 @ 4:31 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 11/5/17
I’ll bite!    F——d up dumb dude?
12/1/23 @ 4:26 PM
User since 5/19/06
Ask CM, if your opinion is different from his you are either Fudd, clown, slob, or just plain lazy. 
12/1/23 @ 4:23 PM
User since 7/22/12
WTH is a fudd, please someone define what a fudd is.
12/1/23 @ 3:53 PM
User since 5/19/06
Your “SoUrCe” is lying and you are the clown for spouting such ridiculous garbage. A cursory search of UW-SP masters thesis papers reveals no such program….because it doesn’t exist. No environmental impact statement, no source population, no disease testing and quarantine. You can’t just go to say South Dakota, trap a couple cougars, then go upon your merry way without approval from that state and the federal government as part of your masters project at a state university. All these actions and approvals generate paper trails and public records, which do not exist in this case. Cougars don’t form “breeding pairs,” males control territories and breed all the females within. All, yes all, of the cougar sightings in Wisconsin are young males dispersing from mainly the black hills area in search of territories with breeding females. Since females do not disperse from their natal ranges, those do not exist in Wisconsin and these young males continue on. One of the confirmed sightings a few years ago was hit by a car in Connecticut three months after passing through Wisconsin. Everybody has a buddy who has pictures of kittens with a female but conveniently never seem to get posted. Nice try Fudd. 
12/1/23 @ 12:14 PM
User since 8/3/12
My "SoUrCe" is, the guy was involved with it. I will not be releasing his name. It's been going on for 30 years. First time was in Ackley, with 2 girls doing their masters project through UW Stevens Point on reintroduction of lions into WI. Breeding pair was released. There is enough information right there for anyone who wants to, to find it. But hey, let's believe the DNR and call me dumb for thinking a government agency would lie. LMAO, i bet you clowns wore masks to gun your deer because the deer have covid like the DNR say back in 2020.
12/1/23 @ 11:09 AM
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Trail cam pict of a big cat crossing front of the cabin. Not a bobcat,lol.
UP of MI., not far from WI. border.
Buffalo County Cougar photo by fishhook
Buffalo County Cougar photo by fishhook
12/1/23 @ 10:33 AM
User since 6/20/13
Agree that appears to be a bobcat.. The DNR has been reporting an average of 15-20 "verified" cougar sightings in the state over the last few years (and some in Marinette County).  I know one was documented all the way down here in Washington County a few years ago.    
12/1/23 @ 7:34 AM
User since 4/12/21
It’s Hwy 8 between Dunbar and Pembine.  Also have been told a could times over the past years from people that live in the area that they see cougars every so often 
11/30/23 @ 10:10 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/9/08
What convinces me that it is a bobcat are the dark spots on the inside of the legs.  Not characteristic of mountain lions.
Buffalo County Cougar photo by SuspendedMusky
11/30/23 @ 9:35 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18
I believe that is a bobcat, and what you think is the tail is the right rear leg. Cool picture nonetheless. 
11/30/23 @ 9:20 PM
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I have no doubt there are more in the state than the DNR will admit to.  

Why would the DNR "not admit" this information, pray tell?

Anyone who thinks the DNR is "secretly planting cougars".....please submit a credible source for your information. (Not "My buddy said")
11/30/23 @ 8:50 PM
User since 10/29/09
Specifically where in Marinette County? I’ve got more to add to this 
11/30/23 @ 8:35 PM
User since 2/6/19
And where is this puma hatchery?  Probably right next to the rattlesnake hatchery, the wolf hatchery, and across the road from the black helicopter manufacturing factory.
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