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Best scent-eliminating deodorant????

11/17/23 @ 9:11 AM
User since 1/6/09

Anyone have a good scent-killing deodorant that DOESN'T feel like you just spread elementary school paste in your pits?

A stick of Dead Down Wind could mud/tape a bathroom.

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11/23/23 @ 8:01 PM
Mendota Jim
User since 7/1/02
I had three adult does come in from the East yesterday morning, wind from West.  Possibly thermals and I was in a treestand but trying to reduce human scent is always a positive.  Not a pro staff or stooge for these but I washed clothing in Wildlife Research scent killer gold, showered before leaving with Scent-a-way max liquid body soap and shampoo by Hunter's Specialties.  I like that enough to use it year-round and it has no added scent.  The detergents have no UV brightners.  Gimmick or science is your own perspective and there are many brands of products that I haven't tried or have never used.  I set up that stand to play the West wind and cover the North and West but sometimes deer just don't do what I want.  My thinking is spend a little and try them out to remain as unscented as you can.  You will form your own opinions if you use them.  I don't use deodorant though so maybe I should?
11/23/23 @ 11:35 AM
User since 7/22/12
My wife absolutely loves this product in fact we both do.  We use it for everyday due to its fragrance. 
Best scent-eliminating deodorant???? photo by OneFineDay
11/21/23 @ 3:14 PM
User since 1/6/09
Huntfish - my tote has a raised, perforated bottom, underneath it I put some of the brush/weeds from the property I hunt.
11/21/23 @ 1:54 PM
User since 6/16/03
All my hunting clothes are in a Rubbermaid tub with pine boughs from Christmas tree each year. ‚Äč
11/20/23 @ 5:25 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/01
I just use arm and hammer unscented deodorant.  Agree with what others are saying in that those scent free deodorants and other deterrents are just gimmicks.  They can still smell you.  Play the wind the best you can and always have your face to the wind.
11/19/23 @ 5:22 PM
User since 2/28/07
Ask a farmer with cattle if you can hang your clothes in the barn for a couple days
11/19/23 @ 5:41 AM
Kayaker 8
User since 8/28/20
Wash down with baking soda, rinse thoroughly.  Cheap too.  
11/17/23 @ 11:33 AM
User since 6/19/01
So true Eye. I knew the owner of a outdoor store years ago and he always said most products for hunting and fishing are designed to fool the consumer not the fish or animals.
11/17/23 @ 11:13 AM
User since 3/26/19
gimmicks!  play the wind correctly and save yer money!
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