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Best binoculars for hunting wisconsin woods

7/14/20 @ 6:08 PM
castle rock rigger
User since 12/9/12

I am looking for the best pair of binoculars for wisconsin woods deer hunting under $500, no higher than 10 power. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks

8/22/20 @ 9:13 AM
MEMBER since 2/16/04

I want Lux optical on a tripod in the woods.........Not really. I used to use a light weight pair of really nice but old Zeiss binocs from my late fatherinlaw. They seemed perfect, and taped with camo worked fine. Walk and sit means roast or freeze, but it's what I do. Somehow the tattered leather strap gave way and the binocs slipped away and were gone. Tracing my GPS track back proved futile. My new gifted West Marine waterproof set are great but get left behind because I have strict weight restrictions for walking. Someday my eyes may get worse or I'll be forced to restrict walking, God forbid. I see blaze orange tape in the future for the new set. The camo tape works way too well.

8/21/20 @ 6:32 AM
BâssÂddîçt ©¸
BâssÂddîçt ©¸
MEMBER since
8/17/20 @ 7:56 AM
castle rock rigger
User since 12/9/12

Thanks for all the suggestions. I did end up buying a pair of vortex diamond back binos. I compared them to the vipers. I was more impressed with the diamondbacks. I also ordered the Rick Young Bino Strap. Very versatile! On top of the great deal, I got 40% off for my 4 years stint in the Navy 50 years ago. THANKS VORTEX!!!

8/16/20 @ 4:33 PM
not enough time
User since 6/3/08

Look at Tract. They are awesome company to deal with. It seams someone is always available. I don't have their  binoculars  yet but have bought 3 of their scopes. The glass of the scopes is some of the best around. My next scope and binoculars will be a Tract. Good luck in your search. 

8/5/20 @ 5:13 PM
User since 3/26/09

I’ve used a pair of Vortex Diamondbacks the last few seasons(10x50). I don’t have anything bad to say about them. Great clarity, durable, they’ve held up well to weather and abuse(kids??). Highly recommend. Good Luck!

7/22/20 @ 7:48 AM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

One more vote for Vortex. 

7/19/20 @ 10:09 PM
drummer boy
drummer boy
User since 3/14/08

8x30 Nikon

7/19/20 @ 9:36 PM
User since 10/31/15

There is only one company that makes binoculars, Vortex 

7/16/20 @ 10:29 AM
MEMBER since 8/5/05

In that price range you can get very good glass. Leupold, Meopta, Vortex, Steiner, Nikon, Cabelas all have good offerings. Go to Optics Planet to see many options and read reviews. Vortex is WI made. If you're a bow hunter, typical woods gun hunter, or don't use binos a lot,  I'd stick with 8X. If you gun hunt over big open fields, consider the 10X. I have 8X Steiner and Cabelas and like them both. I've used Vortex 10X and they are excellent as well.

7/15/20 @ 3:33 PM
User since 12/30/07

I bought a pair of Maven B.3 8x30 a few years ago for archery elk and Wisconsin whitetail hunting and have been VERY happy with them. They are compact, good clarity and low light performance, and not too expensive ($498 through their demo program right now, can try for 2 weeks and return if unhappy). For me they are the perfect bino for what I do. 8 power is plenty for glassing up to 500 yards given you have a good rest, but most of my use is in thicker cover where I can only see 100-200 yards max. My favorite part is that being a smaller, more compact bino, I can freehand them with one hand while holding my bow and have no problem with a shaky image. I highly recommend them.

Also, I’m running them in a Marsupial Gear bino harness and couldn’t be happier.

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