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2022 gun opener

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11/18/22 @ 11:36 AM
User since 7/29/21

Good luck and STAY SAFE tomorrow to all. Hoping to see pics and read stories. May your aim be true. Hope this freak is still around...

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11/21/22 @ 10:13 AM
User since 8/24/07

Sheephead, was the blood from your shot or was he already wounded when he bedded down? Tracking dogs are becoming more popular, so may be worth looking into. Muckdogs (kind of in your area) has a facebook page and it's honestly amazing how many deer these guys and their dogs recover. One dog in particular has already recovered over 100. They've trained a bunch of other guys' dogs over the summer so there may be more outfits available. 

11/21/22 @ 9:31 AM
User since 2/8/17

I hunt in Waupaca cty. Shooting was definitely down. Sunday was really quiet. My future son in law however got his first deer ever. A 6 pointer and he was excited. At 8 on opening morning I shot at 1 of the bigger bucks I have ever seen. He was back in the swamp and I had 1 little opening and took it. Strange enough he worked his way toward me but stopped about 50 yards away behind some trees and brush. Stood there for about 10 minutes and then laid down. All I could see was his butt. I watched him for 4 hours and he never moved. Eventually a doe came through and walked up to him and she sniffed around a little bit and walked away. He never moved. I thought I would try to sneak up and see what was going on. Got to about 25 yards and could see him through an opening. I brought my gun up found him in the scope and as I was about to fire he takes off like a jet engine. Bed was full of blood but not a drop where he ran. Came him a couple more hours and looked around but found no sign. Besides that a good opening day. 2 bucks and 1 doe brought home.

11/20/22 @ 9:32 PM
User since 11/29/01

7THson, I am west of Phillips  and the shooting was even less this year. I heard 1 shot Sat. afternoon. Sunday morning and I heard 1 shot.  My son and I didnt see any deer. However, a bear came  by my cabin last night. Big tracks too. 

11/20/22 @ 4:11 PM
User since 10/9/05

Saw 3 does opening day and nothing since. The woods around me have been very quiet yesterday and today. Not sure what happened around me this year. It's like the deer pretty much moved out. Neighbor says the same thing 

11/20/22 @ 3:22 PM
User since 6/4/06

First time ever in my hunting life of 60 years , Not a shot heard anywhere yesterday ! NW Douglas County .

11/20/22 @ 1:50 PM
User since 8/24/07

First shooter buck I've even seen in 9 years. 7:05 opening day. Southern Brown. I know the time because my brother in law sent me the pic of it passing his camera probably 30 seconds before I shot. Pretty wild!

11/20/22 @ 11:12 AM
User since 7/29/21

Crawford county...

11/20/22 @ 9:47 AM
User since 6/12/10

Best opener we've had in a while. I saw in the range of 40-50 deer yesterday. My dad got two nice doe, i got a big lone doe right at close and could've shot a few more but tried to be selective. My uncle got a small doe and a big body 8 pt with a broken g2 on our other property a mile down the road. I saw two big boys but both were on the neighbor's i don't have permission to shoot on. 

11/19/22 @ 12:04 PM
User since 6/8/16

Question for you did you see that in adams cty. I saw one like that in adams cty

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