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2022 gun opener

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11/18/22 @ 11:36 AM
User since 7/29/21

Good luck and STAY SAFE tomorrow to all. Hoping to see pics and read stories. May your aim be true. Hope this freak is still around...

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11/30/22 @ 12:53 PM
User since 10/24/04

Hunting Oneida and Vilas counties our crew of 5 had a very successful season. Opening day everybody saw deer. (4-8 years ago this was definitely not the case.) My Dad (89 and his 66th opening day) dropped a spike at 7:30. I told him I would hunt til 9 and then come over to gut his deer. At 8:45 he shot again and my day of hunting was over. The second deer Dad dropped was a nice 8pt. We were back to the cabin by 11:30. 

On day 2 my brother dropped an 8 pt at 7am and our friend got a fork at 7:20. These 2 deer were on Vilas public lands.

My nephew passed a spike opening morning and didn’t get a shot on a nice buck Sunday morning.

The remainder of the season we saw a few doe but no bucks. 

We saw much more deer sign this season than the past several seasons. Wolf sign is still plentiful.

11/29/22 @ 4:54 PM
User since 8/24/07

Nice to be done early, isn't it? Hardly enough time to get cold, tired or hungry lol!

11/29/22 @ 3:56 PM
User since 4/7/22

I was done by 8....

11/27/22 @ 10:57 AM
antler junkie
User since 8/17/05

My wife’s uncle got this one in Adams County opening day.

11/26/22 @ 4:15 PM
User since 2/22/07

Two painful days for me. Meniscus tear with a stress fracture.  Just couldn't do it. Next years bow season is looking very good, based on what we saw.

11/26/22 @ 3:24 PM
User since 3/26/19

season over for me. hunted 6 days.. 4 different counties. never saw a deer! really good public spots in the past. oh well.. lets ice fish!!

11/25/22 @ 3:22 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/01

Dave1234 I'm in Monroe County as well on private land.  Right on the Monroe/Jackson county border, Town of Little Falls.  Lots of does around this year.  During bow season we easily saw 10 does to 1 buck!

11/24/22 @ 10:47 AM
Fv.screaming drags.com
Fv.screaming drags.com
User since 3/29/20

Try to understand that this was at least a mile off the main road and it's illegal to drive a vehicle to where he did 

11/24/22 @ 9:57 AM
User since 9/8/09

Monroe county on private land:  7 hunters out.  We saw lots of does and a few small bucks opening morning before the blizzard hit and I couldn’t see 50yrds!  In the afternoon it was crazy!  My daughter and I saw 19does and 3 bucks.  We watched a 3yr 10point bump does around for 45min.  He is on the no shoot list because he broke 5 of his 10pt’s off!  Around 3pm neighbors shot 6 times.  Around 4 a fork horn came in limping with a hole in his shoulder so I put him down. My nephews all saw tons of does.  Sunday was very quiet.  Only saw a few does and not much shooting.  Went home Sunday afternoon because the kids had school mon and tues. I saw way more deer on cars then in years past on 94!  My brother and his boys stayed up and my nephew shot a big 4yr old 10pt chasing a doe on Monday afternoon.  We came backup yesterday and plan to shoot a few does.  Good luck and stay safe!

11/24/22 @ 9:13 AM
User since 8/24/07

Honest question...are you and or your friend physically unable to get farther away from the road?  Trying to understand why you'd be set up that close to a) a road, and b) each other.

11/23/22 @ 5:30 PM
Campbell creek 1
Campbell creek 1
User since 1/13/19

We had a great opener! Shot this guy Saturday afternoon,

we saw plenty of does which are always fun to see when hunting.

we’ve been practicing not shooting does for several years and now see deer, almost everyday.

We don’t always see bucks, but part of the fun of hunting is seeing game when in the field.

we always try to bring some new blood to promote hunting and being American.
best of luck and shoot straight !

11/23/22 @ 10:29 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/12/14

Had a little luck opening day.

11/22/22 @ 4:56 PM
Fv.screaming drags.com
Fv.screaming drags.com
User since 3/29/20

Same here nothing but squirrels and this guy who parked his truck 50 yards from my stand and 10 ft from my buddies blind .not illegal but c'mon where's a little etiquette 

11/22/22 @ 10:16 AM
User since 10/9/05

Saw my first 4 legged creature since Saturday. First squirrel. It's been very quiet here 

11/22/22 @ 8:14 AM
User since 5/7/06

Online registration is one of the best things the DNR started. Our group shoots most of our deer on our own land by the cabin so load the deer on the UTV ,back to the meat pole, hang them up and register them with the phone,  works great!! Many warm evenings we have brought the deer out of the woods, right to the garage and cut them up right away. Loading them in a truck and run into town to register a deer is just a waste of time and effort. Plus the woman at the gas station has no interest at all in touching that stinky deer!!

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