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2021 Turkey Hunt/Seasons

1/19/21 @ 3:52 PM
USER SINCE 8/28/11

What are everyone else's thoughts on how late they keep pushing the Turkey seasons?  This year 1st Season starts April 21st and 6th season ends in June.  I don't know about you but I'd rather sit in the cold in early April than sweat my butt off and pick  woodticks in late May and June.  Plus some of the best hunting is early.  Your thoughts.....


1/22/21 @ 1:10 PM
USER SINCE 6/24/01

No matter where the season starts it will always swing up and down the calendar by about a week and the weather will be wet or snowy or hot and dry we have no control over that. However in general by moving the season back to starting the first season prior to April 15 there will be more hunting opportunity early that are more desirable to more hunters with less interference. Also by starting earlier it allows turkey hunting in state parks 3 weeks instead of 2.

For those that want to get away from hunting in the snow the last 3 time periods even with an early start can be pretty safe that snow season will be past. 

1/22/21 @ 9:36 AM

Please realize 2021 is the latest opener possible, and the only way opening of fishing lands on the second weekend of turkey season.  In 2021, April 1st lands on a Thursday which pushes the opener all the way to April 21st.  In 2026, the 1st lands on a Wednesday which pulls back the opener to April 15th.   This is similar to how the dates land when people complain about the deer rifle hunt the year before....when it happened to land on the latest possible Saturday and well after the rut.  In this part of the state, many years I have dealt with thigh-high snow on the opener anyway....

1/21/21 @ 12:15 PM
USER SINCE 4/17/07

They could probably start the season in late March for southern WI. I'd rather hunt in the snow than late may/ early june in the heat with bugs and ticks. By mid May the woods is getting overgrown already and alot of people lose interest. 

1/21/21 @ 9:37 AM
USER SINCE 6/21/01
Turkey hunting is a joke.  About eight years running now I request season 3 or 4 as my first and second choice.  This year I requested 2 or 3 cause of the way the season falls.  And you know what, I've drawn season 5 or 6 all eight years running, and all those years I've then never bought my tag or gone.  I'm too busy fishing then.  Didn't think I was being too greedy, but apparently tags are hard to come by if you want to hunt the front half the spring.

1/20/21 @ 3:14 PM
USER SINCE 8/14/19

I always hunt 1st  period on my own land in Oneida County. I do that to get it done before the fishing opener. The last several years there was significant snow on the ground but that didn't bother the birds. No bugs.

1/20/21 @ 11:24 AM
USER SINCE 6/24/01

This BS of starting the season later started about 4 seasons ago and was brought about by a citizen petition at the Conservation Congress went through the process and was passed into law so that the youth season would start later and not be as likely to encounter a snowy cold weekend.

Over the last few years it has been brought back to the Conservation Congress and was passed statewide last year. It should have been on the DNR side of the questions this spring and if passed the law changed back to Starting the first season on the Wednesday prior to April 15.

Unfortunately the biologist in charge of turkey management did her Masters study on a property in the Carolina's that showed hunter interference with success in breeding. 

I counter that with a much larger study in turkey population success with the state of Wisconsin starting the season earlier for over 25 years and having one of the greatest success stories in the population of a state that was thought to be too cold and have too much snow in the northern half of the state to sustain turkeys.

The late start and late end needs to be changed in my opinion.

The late end also leads to more problems in property use as there are more hikers, mushroom pickers and other use in the woods that could potentially lead to an accident.

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