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6/10/20 @ 4:59 PM
hook, line&sinker
USER SINCE 4/18/07

I don't troll. Fish mostly with jigs.  Last 4 years the walleye population is not the same as it used to be.  I wonder if this lake is dying.  Except for the pros I don't see the success we used to have.  Have noticed some of those on TV are fishing Winnebago much anymore.  Have a great day everyone.  


7/15/21 @ 12:53 PM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

There are so many more variables in play in MN (and Canada) than the # of rods that can be used.  

But whatever, do the work and get the rules changed.  1 rod, preferably a Snoopy pole.  No electronics or trolling motors.  Then the crying will stop.

7/15/21 @ 12:31 PM
hunter 4 life

The easy answer is a slot. That way everyone can still fish however they want, with the same amount of rods, and frequent the local businesses. There is nobody hurt by a slot. Pretty much every other body of water smaller then the bago system has size limits of some sort so it wouldnt be hard to adjust to. Even if you just protected the breeders and still allowed people to keep the 12 inch walleyes(which is stupid), you would see an improvement of size and numbers.

7/15/21 @ 12:04 PM
USER SINCE 12/20/12

Yes, it does make a difference.  If you and a couple buddies are straining the depths with 9 lines and covering 75 ft on each side of the boat, you're about 66.6% less likely to drive over a fish (theoretically).  Total harvest of fish is definitely impacted which is why MN, many other states and Ontario have more stringent restrictions. 

7/15/21 @ 11:50 AM
USER SINCE 8/20/12

I would think 1 rod vs 3 would simply be a matter of how much time is spent on the water to get your limit? 

I only brought up the no motor trolling as another possible regulation. It would be pretty drastic and it's further down my list of options but it might be something if things get real bad.

I also saw this the other day for Mille Lacs. Multiple seasonal changes.

  • Walleye: For the 2021 open water season,
    • May 15 - May 31: possession limit is one walleye between 21-23 inches or one fish longer than 28 inches. All other walleye must be immediately released.
    • June 1 - June 30: all walleye must be immediately released.
    • July 1 - July 15: walleye fishing is closed and walleye may not be targeted.
    • July 16 - September 15: all walleye must be immediately released.
    • September 16 - November 30, possession limit is one walleye between 21-23 inches or one fish longer than 28 inches. All other walleye must be immediately released.

7/15/21 @ 10:46 AM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

If I keep 5 walleyes (where I fish it's 3 walleyes) does it matter if I use 1 rod or 3 rods?

7/15/21 @ 8:55 AM
USER SINCE 8/20/12

Paranoid - interesting situation but yes. Spot lock allows you to drift off of your spot but then you are using it to move via a powered system back to your spot. If your lines are in the water when this happens or you use the jog feature, you are fishing while under power.

To add: Maybe it makes a difference if you are perch fishing vs walleye fishing? Not sure how you can tell in many cases without up close inspection. 


7/15/21 @ 8:37 AM
USER SINCE 12/20/12

1 rod per fisherman is the way to go. Troll, jig, cast....whatever your prefe. Just do it with a single rod.

7/15/21 @ 3:30 AM
Paranoid Percher
USER SINCE 8/19/18

Jumbee so if my trolling motor is on spot loc I am trolling? The guys complaining about locators you are on the internet that not old school either are smart phones but to each his own

7/14/21 @ 7:34 PM

Jigs.   There was something very similar to your post that was said in the 60s when LOWRANCE came out with their “ little red box”.         Minnesota even tried to outlaw the “ fish finder” at one time.     50 years later we are still catching numbers of decent fish even with the greatly increased numbers of fishermen.      Another 50 years from people will still have the same opinions as you and I.      CARPIO 

7/14/21 @ 6:33 PM
USER SINCE 1/15/20

It's only been 1 1/2 seasons with the reduced bag limit, that's not enough time to evaluate its impact. The last 2 winters have been horrible ice conditions and all species got a reprieve from the usual winter slaughter. That being said, we should see an improvement soon one would think. If it were up to me, which it will never be, I would put limits on the electronics. Side imaging is bad enough, but now there's Panoptics and the likes. What's next?, sit on your couch and have a satellite find the fish before you even get to the landing?  Its not even fishing anymore, it's a video game, and the fish have no chance. That's my opinion, and I know what they say about opinions. 

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