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6/10/20 @ 4:59 PM
hook, line&sinker
USER SINCE 4/18/07

I don't troll. Fish mostly with jigs.  Last 4 years the walleye population is not the same as it used to be.  I wonder if this lake is dying.  Except for the pros I don't see the success we used to have.  Have noticed some of those on TV are fishing Winnebago much anymore.  Have a great day everyone.  


TODAY @ 9:19 AM
USER SINCE 8/20/12

Edge - Not talking about Petenwell.  Bago was great on Sat. I was on the lake not upriver. I don't take a lot of pics of my catches as I am usually by myself and a photo of a fish lying on the floor next to a ruler isn't my idea of scrapbook material. 

Released 3 over 20" on Sat biggest was 21.5". I did keep 3 between 15" and 17.5"   Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of days where I have been skunked too. Had a lot of those early this year.

Overall I am still down on the system, I'd like to see efforts made to protect the most prolific spawners and if that means a slot and leads to more productive fishing into the foreseeable future because of it I think that would be great.

I think if we went to a 3 year trial and said no fish between 18"-22" (whatever size the DNR says are the best reproducers) can be kept at any time and then evaluate the YOY trawling report to look at what type of impact that is making and if positive then extend it 2 more years and by year 5 we could have made a major impact on the fishery.

By year 5 hatchlings from yr 1 would be what?? 17"-18" fish?? If you could regularly catch several 15" -18" fish would you mind having to throw back a 18.01" to 22"?

TODAY @ 1:30 AM
Paranoid Percher
USER SINCE 8/19/18

Hunter4life thanks

6/22/21 @ 3:55 PM
USER SINCE 2/28/07

Jumbee  the battle on bago results show a completely different result about catching 18 to 22s on bago. You must be talking about Petenwell 

6/22/21 @ 3:34 PM
Bad Santa
USER SINCE 7/19/10

Winnebago had a 15" size limit in the late 80's thru the early 90's (approximately). It was not effective, and was discontinued. Many times since, a minimum size and slot limit have been trumpeted by many people. One of the loudest in the past was a local television fishing personality/guide. Finally, the DNR's fisheries guys responded. The most recent ones I could find were:

6/22/21 @ 2:47 PM
Bowhunting Guy
USER SINCE 5/22/18

I’m not quite ready to say the sky is falling yet on Bago, but there is nothing wrong with being a bit more proactive. Especially with the fish piggery that has taken place over the last year.The people who believe Winnebago is dead generally base their opinions on their own narrow perceptions and experiences. Much like Wisconsin’s angry population of aging deer hunters. 

I’m not a fisheries biologist, and most likely none of you are either. But we still contribute our bar-stool opinions, hopefully based on logic and reason rather than emotion or a couple of tough fishing trips. That said, I have a hard time seeing any downside of implementing a slot limit. 

Unfortunately, like anything in life, fisheries management is not based purely on science. Many factors come into play, namely the monetary value associated with people keeping walleye and the greater economic impact. People travel here in the spring with the mindset that they need to take as much as they can to make the trip worth it. Abrupt change will not sit well with this group. 

So, does the DNR have an agenda to turn Winnebago into the Dead Sea? I don’t think so. Are there better management practices that would empirically benefit the overall health of the system and walleye population? Probably. But it’s not that simple. All you can do is collect your thoughts and opinions and make them known through the right avenues. In the mean time, it’s not Armageddon. There are still fish to be caught. 

6/22/21 @ 1:45 PM
USER SINCE 8/20/12

Looks like some of the Bago pressure is heading to Petenwell soon.

There is a possession limit on Erie except in order to exceed it you have to go over your daily bag. It's 6 fish per day you have had a valid license. So if you have had a license for only 3 days you can only have 18 fish in possession (it's not legally possible to have more than that - again LEGALLY). They also have 2 seasons May 1 - Feb 28 and then Mar 1 - April 30 and the DNR can change either of those seasonal limits.

I believe they just adjusted the Erie perch limit down to 10 per day in the central basin but the Eastern and Western Basin remains at 30. 

6/22/21 @ 11:10 AM
hunter 4 life

The rubber ducks are from a duck race. The answer to bago is a slot. Petenwell is a very similar system and is the poster child for proof that it works. Over the weekend i caught 4 between 21 and 26. Not to mention the fact that i caught about 80 eyes. Fishing there makes you want to never fish bago again.

6/21/21 @ 12:54 PM
Fish Hound
USER SINCE 1/29/02

Lake Erie has a 15" size limit, 6 Walleyes per day year round, and zero possession limit. They are over populated with Walleye and want as many as possible taken out.

6/21/21 @ 10:08 AM
Paranoid Percher
USER SINCE 8/19/18

anybody know about rubber ducks with numbers on bottom found 2 yesterday

6/21/21 @ 9:43 AM
USER SINCE 8/20/12

This past week has probably lessened the complaining about the system.  Like every year some days are good, some are not.  Last week more days were good than bad. Sat was absolutely on fire. I have reports of guys catching as many eyes on Sat and finally finding fish in the 18"-22" range.

I'll leave with this. The best walleye fisheries I know of are Erie and LOTW.   Both have tighter restrictions on size or slots than Bago.

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