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Winnebago system Whitebass

3/19/14 @ 4:33 PM
Fresh Air
User since 1/21/12
Hey guys, I put this question out there yesterday in regards to the whitebass population in the system. I didn't want to clog up the fishing report posts so I started this here. I asked if there was any chance of a limit being placed on whitebass. I know there are many in the system, not sure of estimated population. I don't think I've seen them targeted this much and certainly seem to get plenty of attention. After seeing driveways full and bucket after bucket filled up just something I thought about. So there you go, something to discuss. Good Fishing All!

6/17/15 @ 9:40 AM
User since 6/19/09
In a system like Winnebago, sport fishermen will never overfish them. They are high producing, short-lived fish, ideally suited for the level of harvest you see. I would argue limits on them would harm the system. You think the forage is low now, try having the whitebass, voracious eater, increase in population.

5/23/15 @ 10:16 PM
User since 5/23/15
Been fishing lake Winnebago for 20 plus years. The whitebass population is crazy. My brother in law and I would catch coolers full and they just seem to produce more and more. I think if we where to have a limit on whitebass it would screw up the fish in the system. The whitebass population has also brought a lot of business to local shops as people are coming from all over For the fish. Just my opinion.

5/10/14 @ 10:02 PM
User since 5/22/12
No fresh air don't need any more rules to impede our good times and our freedom to fish, of all the years fishing the white bass run it is something all us fisherman look forward to once a year.Besides the over population of these fish have to be steadied somehow and thats why you are there.

5/7/14 @ 10:17 AM
User since 6/13/07
It is nice to see that there is at least one species of good table fare that is not hyper-regulated. The DNR is even putting length limits on bluegills on certain lakes! BLUE GILLS? Good Lord! Is there really any body of water that has a shortage of small gills?

5/6/14 @ 8:19 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

The Winnebago system is an awesome fishery, the reason everyone flocks there this time of year is because the fishing is that good. It is truly hard to beat.

As far as some of the posts on the thread - Is the run on, where should I fish, what should I use, should I drive in from out of town, will next weekend be better?

These are just folks who don't have much experience with the Wolf River, Poygan, Winnebago, or Partridge, if they did, they'd know when the run was on, what to use, and where to go. Don't think it has anything to do with bag limits. The White Bass run is one of those times when you don't have to be terribly skilled to catch fish.

Also, if you want to walk across the river on boats, fish near Fremont. If you want to see considerably less people, go for a ride. This waterway is huge - from Schiocton, New London, Partridge Crop, Partride, Winnoconne,Butte des Morts, Winnebago - you can go for hours and hours and hours, and hours, and hours in a boat and never see the same shoreline. There is no reason to fish right next to someone unless you enjoy the company. I seldom have boats fishing near me. Really crazy too. You'll see 6 boats fishing 40 yards of shoreline, when you can drive 20 minutes away and have an entire shoreline to yourself - I never have understood that part of it.

Also, Treeshark, I understand your point, but in your scenario there are commercial fishermen involved who catch thousands and thousands of fish per boat. You ever notice that many times when you catch a White Bass 4 or 5 more fish are following the fish that you are reeling in? I'm not suggesting that people should keep 10 buckets of fish a piece - but I don't see any harm in filling up a cooler with the days catch.

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
5/6/14 @ 6:26 PM
User since 4/18/06
A few years ago at the Walleye's for Tomorror banquet, the whitebass and hatches were discussed by the biologist for the Winnebago area. He stated that fishing cannot dent the population on THIS system.Of course ethically you should only keep what you can eat,which is what most fishermen do anyway

4/6/14 @ 5:42 PM
Trapper Jed
User since 3/7/11
My main concern is that we seem to be in the middle of a outdoors rennicance so to speak. The popularity of many outdoor sports has soared over the past few years and between the increased pressure and advance in "outdoors technologies" I think we're putting a lot of spiecies at a disadvantage. Now I'm not saying the white bass are going to go extinct but I'm sure many of you have seen the effects of this increased pressure on other smaller lakes ie smaller& fewer panfish & gamefish. Yes it seems like a lake as big as bago couldn't be effected by few fishermen but also you need to consider that every weekend there problaly a couple 1000 guys fishing it, that adds up through the year. But again I don't even really care to change the limit I just would like to see more fishermen put there own limit on them. I guess if you really need 5 pails of whities go for it but please don't just do it because" you can"

4/6/14 @ 4:32 PM
D Big Tuna
D Big Tuna
User since 10/10/09
When I was a kid they would pull them out of the Fond du lac River by the 55 gallon drum ,No end in site.Last year, 40 years later, you could have walked across the south end on those white bass. They are not going anywhere. Thank god we have them because they are a eating machine and they help knock off the shad. The walleyes would be terribly tough to catch otherwise . Don't loose any sleep over it....

4/5/14 @ 10:14 AM
MEMBER since 9/25/08
on the money nihsif

4/5/14 @ 9:27 AM
User since 4/5/09
the good news is that the DNR bases their findings and acts on actual scientific data and not feelings

The bad news is that the same DNR is also responsible for the crashing perch population on the bay. I am a actually more supportive of the DNR than most, but I don't think we can just put blind faith in their set bag limits either. Bago is a good fishery but it gets absolutely pounded- always has though I guess. Talk about a system just begging for a springtime slot rule for eyes...

The difference IMO, especially as it relates to white bass, is the average success rate of the ice fisherman since the popularity of the marcum/vexilars etc... for ice fishing. It would be interesting to see the catch rate for ice fishermen over the past 20 years or so (which I'm sure doesn't exist, but would be interesting nonetheless). To say these can't be fished out is naive in my opinion- if people can fish out the Pacific and Atlantic oceans of many species, surely an inland Wisconsin lake can be "fished out" as well.

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