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Why is it that there are so few actual fishing reports on Lake link

4/4/21 @ 1:26 AM
bottom bouncer

I went to Oconto today.  We didn't catch any small fish.  Maybe 15 total but 5 were over 28".  And other boats around us were also catching fish.  One boat landed a 34" brown trout.  Not a single report.  I do plan to post a report on that thread, but let's hear your thoughts on whats the problem with reporting.  


5/6/21 @ 6:39 AM
USER SINCE 12/25/01

Great post Chris.

The lectures from keeping a fish is the downer. Keep a Bass and it could be 3 pages of people telling you should be releasing or the damage you just did to the lake.

That can chase people away. 

It got alot more pronounced when digital cameras came along.

5/6/21 @ 12:15 AM

I joined lake-link early on. Got booted off after a heated discussion and was let back on with another name few years later. I just resigned up after realizing I deleted email address  associated with account and couldn’t reset password. 

Anyway after a few decades of  posting lurking and such.... it is refreshing this is still a lively subject. 

In the early days it was a smaller community just WI IL & MN. They called it the lake-link effect. Someone posted a kind let report that the bite was on at Lake X, look for the crooked tree by small island. 

Next weekend the launch was parked up, and you could walk around the island on the boats stacked on each other. 

People posted fake reports to test the theory and send people away from their hot spots. 

Same stuff happened the week after John Gillespie nails Walleyes on the Fox River. Boats are stacked like firewood

People were hesitant to share great news on their home lakes. I always traveled to spots at left great reviews of what worked. I would not be back anytime soon so I had no skin in the game. I got flamed for it a few times by locals to keep it quiet 

anyway... looks like things don’t change much. 

5/5/21 @ 10:42 PM
USER SINCE 3/29/20

What I've found is even if you report real accurate information and people don't catch fish they're mad and your a liar, they bring all their friends and crowd you out, or are pissed you reported in the first place. So your dammed if you do and dammed if you don't I'll still report once in awhile but don't name the lake just depth and baits etc. It's a shame that you can't trust your fellow fisherman unless they're trusted friends already. Even this guy won't tell you where he was fishing lol??

5/5/21 @ 12:13 PM
USER SINCE 11/6/18

I had so many bad experiences from "seagulls" back when I posted as --- that no,not a chance will I post fishing reports any longer...I started to write a couple examples of seagulls/stalkers but I think it's best not to reminisce about it. I could already feel my bloodpressure rise....Twice someone threatened to damage my rig in the parking lot and since I did a lot of late night fishing,it was a real worry. One of those was a guy I'd helped in numerous PMs but somehow thought he had a God-given right to every piece of knowledge I'd gotten over the years. He felt I was holding out on him.... Icefishing? pfft. Worst.

I used to love being helpful. I posted a ton of fishing report,enjoyed helping via PM... A minority of LL'ers not only ended that,they helped take the fun out of fishing locally...I've developed a twitch: Whenever I catch a walleye I reflexively look over my shoulder to make sure nobody saw.

Most of my yearly fishing hours nowadays are in the Everglades and the Keys....Or the upper Mississippi or Vilas county lakes....and "harvest" is not nearly as important to me as it was 10-20 years ago. I just prefer to (mostly) C&R fish without having to smell someone's cigaret smoke or listen to their drunken chatter. Someone shows up and fishes up my (back pocket)? I typically just leave.

But no way in heck am I gonna advertise where I fish. I learned my lesson over and over and over again. Eventually I figured out...

I have met a number of fishermen who's self esteem is directly tied to how many fish they can kill - or at least take and post pictures of. It's clearly not tied to their ethics and morals...I ain't helping them one iota if I can help it.

5/5/21 @ 8:36 AM

Holy crap Carp King, I haven't seen you post in forever! I didn't even know you existed anymore!  You've been around for as long as I have on this site.  It's too bad some have to ruin it for all!  I always enjoyed reading your fishing reports and seeing the pictures you would post.

5/5/21 @ 8:00 AM
Carp King

I got a lot of crapola for posting some stuff so I don't put much stuff on LL anymore.  I'll usually just message someone.

5/3/21 @ 8:30 PM
USER SINCE 9/11/04

I use to post my fishing reports all the time 5-10 years ago. One area I fished and reported on was a very popular shore spot by a small dam. Next few days it would be a zoo. Just not worth it anymore. If I’m on a big body of water I still report here and there but smaller lakes and shore fishing spots I will never report again. 

4/30/21 @ 4:27 AM

Made a report and a response to another report have been banned from this site under that name since

4/29/21 @ 12:51 PM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

....Says the guy with 4 posts total since 2014.  

4/29/21 @ 11:10 AM
wanna b outdoors
USER SINCE 7/17/14

Because fishermen believe that finding and catching fish is like knowing the location of a hidden treasure. If I tell you where the fish are, then you'll catch them and there won't be any left for me...  

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