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Why is it that there are so few actual fishing reports on Lake link

4/4/21 @ 1:26 AM
bottom bouncer

I went to Oconto today.  We didn't catch any small fish.  Maybe 15 total but 5 were over 28".  And other boats around us were also catching fish.  One boat landed a 34" brown trout.  Not a single report.  I do plan to post a report on that thread, but let's hear your thoughts on whats the problem with reporting.  


TODAY @ 8:54 AM
Brent Hess

Hope to meet you someday too Prop!

I did mention in my earlier post that I have not experienced any negative feedback from posting fishing reports, but have met some of my now closest friends! 

Look at Gill 1774, he posts all the time on the Tichigan thread, he never gets any negative feedback...

I’ve noticed the biggest thing people get bashed for is keeping a big fish.  For me, to each his own...  If your legally fishing, carry on, won’t get no bashing from me.

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4/14/21 @ 7:38 PM
USER SINCE 12/21/20

FLM, Got it!

4/14/21 @ 6:17 PM
USER SINCE 6/14/05

that is fine and dandy Brent...actually hope to meet you someday...BUT....the thread is why don't people post actual fishing reports on LL...they get crucified is why....carry on

4/14/21 @ 3:35 PM

toughontrout I wouldn't have to specify the lake I fished cause I would be reporting the report on that thread.  I live near Madison, so for example when I fish Kegonsa I post my report in the Lake Kegonsa fishing report page, not Mendota's :-)

4/14/21 @ 3:04 PM
USER SINCE 12/21/20

Hey Fishlovme, I got it! Question, when you post something, your example did not say anything about where you fished i.e. Lake Winnebago, or Wolf River, etc. Is that the way you do normally post. Not knocking it, just asking.

4/14/21 @ 8:52 AM
USER SINCE 1/10/19

Interesting thread.  As long as there have been fisherman they have been telling fish stories, and I have always enjoyed reading the reports.  Lot's of good stuff over the years, and lots of not so good.   It's a delicate balance of wanting to share our great wisconsin resources with each other and not destroying said resources.   It's a great thing to help out other anglers with advice and get more folks involved in the outdoors, but being too specific on any body of water less than 500 acres is recipe for disaster.  We all have stories of fisheries wiped out, no need for me to recant mine.   Sometimes it's because people are too naive, or too stupid, or don't fish maybe twice a year and don't care if they ruin a small lake that they post who what when where why with pics of their catch.  The worst are the spite/revenge reports, the old you ruined my lake so now I'm gonna ruin your lake post.   End result of all these scenarios is places getting fished out in short order, which is not good because I like fishing mostly small lakes and trout streams and I like the way the main report is for trout,its All troutstreams in the whole state, and generally people don't say where they were fishing.   Perhaps it would be beneficial to post by county only...i.e vilas county thread, no need to say lake name, just if it's a  big/small lake and techniques that worked or didn't work, cause that info is sometimes just as important.  Generally I choose not to kiss and tell about my fishing, but there are many dedicated posters on here I always look for that give out great info on a regular basis and that's why I come on here.   I do take it all with a grain of salt, some, many posts are of little interest to me, some are out right lies to throw people off, and you have everything in between.  Reports from 10 or more years ago are often better than recent stuff in many cases, I'm glad they still go back that far. The politics and vaccine back and forth on those threads gets real old, but overall I find it entertaining enough to check in every now and then for some more good fish stories.  

4/14/21 @ 8:38 AM

toughontrout, hence why I put the smiley face after it.  I don't chase after other people's spots like that.  I was just having a little fun :-)

I have had some people send me private messages about fishing some of the lakes I do.  I've spent the time with them to explain the spots and sometimes I even mark up a map for them.  With my fishing reports on here though I provide something like "fished 7 am until 11 am.  I got 11 perch and 2 bluegills.  Red worms worked best but I got a few on night crawlers as well.  Best depth I found was in 15 fow."  That, to me, is a fishing report.  Need anymore information than that then I'd recommend going to your local bait shop and talking with them.

4/14/21 @ 1:09 AM
USER SINCE 2/23/16

Just my thoughts and my opinion.... I will post reports on a central wi lake... First I got no help or info when I purchased a place on or near the water.. No help no info on what to do how to fish or what to look for...Fast forward 7 years over 3000.00 dollars on new graphs and countless hours of fishing which was great time with my family...But  at one time I was ready to sell my place and move on... The more I fished with new electronic  I really learned what to look for and things got better.. I have no problem helping out other people but I will not just hand over information... My problem is the people that are first time on the lake and or just want to get on fish with no effort just want load up a bucket of fish and move on..I also have got nasty PM from people on not being a decent person or just rude cause I am not helping them out.. I have made a finical investment in that area it is my home not just a weekend place to go... If you just want to catch fish hire a guide and put a few buck into the area lots of people could use it .... God knows the local business are struggling and everything helps.. on the other hand you can learn the lake put the hours in and become a better Fisher person and enjoy your time with family and friends.. Remember fish always taste better when you earn them them especially when you see your son's or daughters become the future of the things we love to do and pass it on to them.. Good luck to all and enjoy what we do..

4/13/21 @ 11:04 PM
USER SINCE 2/18/21

Actually some of the fishing reports I appreciate the most is when they aren't biting.  We've all been there, driving for hours to a lake where they usually bite but (for whatever reason) aren't currently.  That knowledge can save a weekend by allowing you to make other plans. 

4/13/21 @ 8:25 PM
USER SINCE 11/22/10

My biggest problem when posting a report after a good day on the water, is someone will usually send a PM asking for more information.  I love to help people out and like to see people catch fish other than me.  In these PM's  I would go into great detail explaining, what to use, where to be, ect.  Than I realized so many of those people don't even reply with a "Thank You".  Don't get me wrong I will always reply, just a lack of courtesy is lacking with some people here.  Wanting to know exactly where and when the fish are biting.  The least you could do is reply with a "Thank You."  I guess you have to give and take a little.  For the record I've meet a couple good friends from this website.

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