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Where is your next out of state fishing trip going to be>

1/31/23 @ 11:04 AM
mac da gaff
mac da gaff
PRO MEMBER User since 9/23/01

I travel to Fort Myers this week for inter coastal Snook and Redfish, then a Crappie outing on Okeechobee. I try an book an outing when ever I travel. Just some of my outings include, Cabo San Lucas, Table Rock, Lake Mead, Puerto Vallarta, Snake River, Winnebigoshish, Bull Shoals......

I am growing tired of Canada, beautiful country and great fishing but wonder what water I have left behind in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

What is your favorite destination Minnesota? Dakotas? Texas?

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2/1/23 @ 7:50 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/25/01

I think tangling with a Monster Grouper would be something. 

2/1/23 @ 7:50 AM
Outa line
User since 8/9/21

# 1 for me is Lake Havasu Arizona. Ever see those giant redears & crappies - holy mackerel!

# 2 Lake Lure in the Smokey Mts N Carolina for the scenery alone - just wow. Drove thru that area a few years back & swore I’d make a trip back for a stay on the lake. 

1/31/23 @ 10:28 PM
Wharf Dwarf II
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/10

Going to Lake of the Woods on Thursday. Pics are from last year’s trip 

1/31/23 @ 5:11 PM
Moon River
PRO MEMBER User since 12/8/22

Nestor Falls, Ont, Sabaskong Bay--- LOTW -- Open up the cabin -- May June-July(?) - August - September --Close up the cabin.

1/31/23 @ 4:45 PM
User since 4/17/07

Hoping to go to Ontario this August or September, but everyone in my group/ family is so busy these days I don't know if it will happen. I'd like to go to Manitoba or Saskatchewan someday, but my dad already complains about the 10 hour drive to Ontario so it'll be hard to talk him into a 18+ drive. 

I may rent an ice castle for a night or two in NW MN next month, not sure yet. Thats more of a drink alot of beer and tell stories/ hopefully catch some fish trip.

IMO, WI and MN don't even come close to anything you can find in Canada. 

Years ago I fished Kentucky Lake pre-spawn for bass and had a riot. Tons of 4-6 pound fish. I'd like to go back someday but heard the asian carp have done a number on that lake.

1/31/23 @ 2:51 PM
User since 7/20/09

We are debating going to Voyageurs but I've never been there before.  Debating between Rainy and Kabetogama Lake.  Really have no idea which would be better.  Rainy just looks like it has the potential to be rougher, but again that is only a guess based on looking at a map.  Thinking about how far some of the campsites are from the landing, would not want to travel in rough water a long ways.  Any opinions on that are welcome.  I'm mostly interested in pike fishing and my wife wants to do some of the boat-in hikes.  Kids want to swim which would mean later in summer, but it sounds like spring-early summer fishing is pretty good too.

1/31/23 @ 1:12 PM
User since 7/24/01

I fish the UP regularly.

1/31/23 @ 11:54 AM
User since 6/6/04

Taking grandson to Voyagers National Park, camp on an island for six days, fish wallies, pike  and perch

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