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Where is your next out of state fishing trip going to be>

1/31/23 @ 11:04 AM
mac da gaff
mac da gaff
PRO MEMBER User since 9/23/01

I travel to Fort Myers this week for inter coastal Snook and Redfish, then a Crappie outing on Okeechobee. I try an book an outing when ever I travel. Just some of my outings include, Cabo San Lucas, Table Rock, Lake Mead, Puerto Vallarta, Snake River, Winnebigoshish, Bull Shoals......

I am growing tired of Canada, beautiful country and great fishing but wonder what water I have left behind in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

What is your favorite destination Minnesota? Dakotas? Texas?

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2/18/23 @ 3:10 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 5/10/07
Lake Erie walleye fishing 4/3-4/10.

2/18/23 @ 10:24 AM
phishin phool
phishin phool
PRO MEMBER User since 4/5/08
We have been thinking about another trip to Tims Ford, Reservoir near Winchester, Tenn. Have been there 3 times but last time was in 2008. Great spot for smallmouth, big crappie and the occasional spot! Great little cafe and the people are fantastic!!! The bonus is...it is close to Lynchburg!!! The location of my favorite distillery! Jack Daniels!!!

2/17/23 @ 12:55 PM
User since 3/13/09
Does anybody know of any remote fly-ins in the states (MN, ND, MI, etc) without having to go into Canada?  I have always wanted to do a fly-in, but not everybody is able to cross into Canada.  TIA

2/17/23 @ 9:32 AM
User since 8/28/11
I haven't been to Canada in almost 25 years for a fly in trip so I'd love to do that again.  Recently have made trips to Red Lake and Winnibgoshish in MN but both were a bust this year.  Did well on Winnie the previous 2 years so will give it another go next winter.  A bucket list trip for me would be to get out west to either the Snake River or Frasier River and catch some giant white sturgeon.

2/15/23 @ 11:04 AM
phishin phool
phishin phool
PRO MEMBER User since 4/5/08

mac da' Not sure where in the Dakotas yer gonna go. I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City for 5 years. If ya want any suggestions I'd be willing to help...

2/15/23 @ 8:56 AM
User since 7/20/09

I haven't but I'd be curious about it.

I just booked a shorter 4 day trip on Rainy Lake at one of the Voyageur boat-in campground sites in late August.  I'm sure there will be bugs but kids wanted to be able to swim.  Apparently 16 miles from the landing...guess we'll be watching the weather.  Should be fun trip if its not crazy rough out.

2/13/23 @ 8:55 PM
User since 1/19/03

Anyone ever fish sportsmans lodge on the rainy River ice fishing? I'm thinking of taking my son there next year

2/13/23 @ 12:24 PM
mac da gaff
mac da gaff
PRO MEMBER User since 9/23/01

Just returned from Florida. Had awesome weather and great fishing caught a couple of meals of Saltwater Sheepshead. They were great blackened with fresh bread and tators.

Went to Okeechobee for "Specs" their name for Crappie. Caught close to 40 fish from 11 to 13 inches. I was pleasantly surprised that even out of 70 deg. water they were very clean and tasty. 

I will definitely go back for that and will most likely do an off shore trip for grouper and snapper. Pulley Ridge seems like a cool adventure.

I know that Canada is hard to beat for numbers of fish. Numbers do not interest me, searching for quality fish in areas that people seem to struggle catching fish is what I enjoy.Even in Wisconsin I hear "All our good lakes are fished out, there's no decent fishing in Wisconsin anymore."  That is BS....

I'm thinking about going to the Dakotas this spring or summer!

2/4/23 @ 12:35 AM
User since 3/17/06
Kentucky for big late February crappie. They will be heating up at that time

2/3/23 @ 11:09 AM
User since 2/8/17

Annual canoe camping trip to Sylvania in the UP. Always catch a ton of small mouth. Usually a few that are tanks. Found some big gills last year. Usually don't eat any fish we catch but if catch gills this year will eat a few. Always a very relaxing trip with the guys!

2/2/23 @ 10:10 AM
User since 6/4/06

Land between the lakes in March !

2/1/23 @ 10:33 PM
User since 12/21/20

Canada ! ! !

2/1/23 @ 7:24 PM
User since 2/28/07

Louisiana, what a blast redfishing the backwaters. Will go back. Alabama striper fishing is also a blast. Alaska Halibut is one heck of a workout and stream fishing for silver salmon is so relaxing and they fight like heck.

2/1/23 @ 2:59 PM
User since 5/8/02

Heading up to Perrault Falls, Ontario, lake Wabaskang in July. was in Northern Minnesota last July which was a bust as far as fish caught. If I can't catch fish in Canada, I should give up fishing, lol

2/1/23 @ 8:54 AM
User since 1/8/18

Going to Devils Lake, ND this March! Always been a bucket list trip for me and I am stoked! 

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