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1/28/18 @ 3:17 PM
User since 1/28/18

Hey group,

This is my first thread on lake link!  I have a trip planned to go fishing in June at Lake Winnebago for walleye.  I do have a guide lined up to show us the ropes and teach us a few things as we have never been there.  I am taking my boat with us and was planning on fishing a few days after the guide takes us out.  I am mostly a salmon fisherman so trolling is like second nature to me.  How is the walleye fishing on this lake in June?  What are some typical patterns during that time of year?  Is trolling the way to go or are there other options like casting or bobber fishing?  

Thanks, bobbo

1/29/18 @ 4:00 PM
User since 7/16/01

Easiest way to catch walleye out on bago that time of year is trolling.  But all methods can work. 

Talk with your guide and tell him/her what you are looking for. 

1/28/18 @ 7:28 PM
User since 10/4/11

IMHO-June is the best month to fish Winnebago!! All types of fishing will produce just depends on what type of fishing you like to do!  My personal favorite is drifting and dragging crawlers over a particular spot I like! To me it’s just a plain out enjoyable way of fishing! I was taught Winnebago in the late 90’s from a hunting buddy! Back then we used to troll the reefs with crawler harnesses holding the rod in your hands and when you got a bite you would feed them some line and then just Rip the rod like you were swinging a bat— what a blast that was! Then we learned planer boards in the mud and that was hands down the most productive way off filling the live well and catching an occasional pig but it wasn’t nearly as fun as feeling the hit and setting the hook! We would go as often as possible during June but we never missed Father’s Day weekend and for 15 years straight we got our limit on Father’s Day!! My personal best day of fishing ever was Father’s Day of 2005! I literally could not fit another fish in my live well! 15 fish limit with the smallest eye being 18” and many over 20” with like 6 huge 13-15” crappies to boot!! I now don’t keep anything over 20” because them fish need to stay in the system to keep making more eyes but I was young and dumb!! Bottom line is June is the best month of the year to catch eyes and you would have to be a blind paralyzed person to not catch any eyes in June!! I don’t even think you should hire a guide but to each there own!! Best thing about June is you can catch them by using any type of method so however you like to fish just find some structure and you will do great!! Since you say you’re a trolling type of guy I would go out to the mud(15-20 fow) straight east of Oshkosh and fallow the 100’s of boats trolling planer boards with either crawler harnesses or cranck baits!! Fire tiger and perch are great Winnebago colors to start with!! Good luck and enjoy the walleyes while the getting is good! My last fathers dat weekend was around 2011ish and then we switched to fishing the petenwell flowage which I am glad we did!! Although the Winnebago fish taste much better then petenwell fish but the quality of fish on petenwell is better! To each there own and have some freezer space ready for your June trip to Bago because you will catch a lot of fish fries!! Good luck and enjoy the great fishing your going to have!! Casey 

1/28/18 @ 5:00 PM
User since 3/17/09

Everything works in June, jigging the rocks , jigging the river, weeds, casting spoons and cranks or trolling 

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