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Violence in the outdoors

5/2/13 @ 9:23 AM
ol sarge
ol sarge
User since 3/8/04
I just read over on the fishing reports page about a fight that broke out on Castle Rock Lake over a shore fisherman throwing rocks at fishermen in boats. I guess the guy on shore challenged the guy in the boat to bring his fat butt up on shore and he did and the guy on shore got a beating and the guy from the boat got a $200 fine. Now from what I take, this was done in front of his boy and he thought what his dad did was fine because the guy was throwing rocks at their $30,000 bass boat. I find this very disturbing and is one of the reasons I fish away from other people. I would have been more upset about some crazy throwing rocks at my son than my boat. I just do not know what the world is coming too. If you see a crowd, why even put yourself in that situation? What example are you setting for your child if you pummel someone and end up getting a disorderly charge? I think it could have been handled better(pull up anchor or never have approached the shore, its a big lake) and this sets a bad example and makes all sportsmen look foolish. Thoughts?

6/19/16 @ 9:56 PM
User since 6/10/02

I'd be quite unhappy if I had a house on a lake, and didn't even put my boat in because of all the d-bags out there.  That's pretty sad, but I see it once in a while too.  It's as if they feel that only they should be the ones able to fish that body of water.  

6/18/16 @ 2:42 AM
User since 4/18/12

Reading all these experiences really angers me. But I'm overall impressed with how people handled them and kept their cool.

I really wish these people could conduct themselves with more respect for others.

If someone else is fishing, keep your distance. 

If you're walking into your hunting spot and see a bow hunter in a tree stand, back out and go hunt another spot.

If you see an old man and his grandkids struggling to use hand auger. For gods sake go help him drill some holes! I speak from experience on this one. My buddy and I saw an elderly man stuggling to drill through the ice so his grandchildren could ice fish. I kid you not there were people pointing and laughing like it was funny. Things like that angers me so much. We were on the only ones on that bay that went to help him drill his holes. All we had was a hand auger ourselves and we spent 20 minutes getting them set up. There were guys with power augers who could've done it in less than 5 minutes.

6/18/16 @ 12:17 AM
User since 7/24/01

Place: Black Wolf launch (Oshkosh Winnebago)

If you ever launched here you know there aren't many spots to park. While walking from my truck to the boat I noticed one gentleman standing in the last empty stall having a conversation with another guy in a truck and empty trailer.  The guy in the truck, peels off and parks illegally on the grass. I walk by the guy standing in the empty stall, who was saving the last stall for his buddy unloading their boat, he shows me a knife and says "I thought I was going to have to use this". 

6/11/14 @ 12:21 PM
ol sarge
ol sarge
User since 3/8/04

you did the right thing and yes it could have gone bad really quick.There is just too much space out there to deal with stuff like this. Good thing they did not do anything to your vehicle. Another thing these cowards like to do.

6/11/14 @ 11:02 AM
User since 5/6/14
I see these children with their boredom and their vacant stares/God help us all if we're to blame for their unanswered prayers

-Billy Joel, "No Man's Land"

6/11/14 @ 10:44 AM
User since 5/2/05
I experienced what could of been violence last deer season, were my son and I parked on an old logging road and wanted to walk in on the road rather than drive(second morning) we starting the walk up the road or what was left of this 50 year old road, when I heard a truck coming from behind and the roaring of the motor I looked back and came to the conclusion that we had better move to the side as the mud was a flying and the truck was some what side ways. the two young guys stopped by us and started shouting and confrontational, why did you block the road, ummmm?? because we are hunting in here(the road is not travelable). the two hunters floored the truck down through the brush, dropping one of the hunters off and turned around and the same ordeal on the way back through. looked to me they wanted to hunt there and it pissed them off that my son and I got up just a little earlier then they did both mornings. but it worked because we turned and left for another spot. that type of practice never happened in the past where I hunt, more of a gentlemen way, a hunter is already there move on, I have hunted this area for a long time(35 seasons) and its getting worse every year. SAD!

6/9/14 @ 11:01 AM
User since 3/23/12
Well said casting,I fear to think what my grandchildren will be up against.God help and bless America!

6/9/14 @ 7:30 AM
ol sarge
ol sarge
User since 3/8/04
I have yet to be out yet this year. I tend to fish during the week or in places where pleasure boaters can get in their fancy boats. I know with the 4th of july weekend coming up, we will see a rise in stupidity. I think alot of it comes from the guy who owns a boat and only takes it out 3 times a year and feels it is his right to do what every he wants because he only gets out 3 times a year. I have yet had any trouble from anyone in an ol Lund powered by an old merc, johnson or evinrude. Think on that one for a while. Seems the more the boat costs the bigger the douche bag. Just sayin......

6/8/14 @ 3:16 PM
User since 10/2/09
no doubt, camelot is a hot spot for d bags. have a house on the lake and dont care if my boat ever sees the water there again.

6/8/14 @ 9:33 AM
User since 6/9/11
Lectrotec, yeah I hear ya those 3 lakes in Rome are crazy with disrespectful skiers and jet skis . I had a close call on Sherwood , NEVER go there on a week end during the summer :-P :-P

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