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Shore fishing slobs

10/19/20 @ 7:53 AM
USER SINCE 10/9/05

The other day I took a ride to check out some shore fishing spots and was irritated with all the trash I found. Cups, cans, bait containers and paper. I've never understood why you have to throw the stuff on the ground and not pack it out when you leave. It was heavier when you walked in. And the people that are doing this will be the first ones to complain that the area is closed to fishing. 


12/21/20 @ 11:36 AM
ol sarge
ol sarge

Last summer I went to one of my favorite honey holes and what did I find in the water? An empty 6 pack of beer cans. The land owner has now posted this place as no parking so unless you walk a mile you can get in. I always pick up trash when I see it but dang it, some people a just plain stupid and ruin it for everyone else. It wont be long before all the good places are closed off from public access. When I see the land owners I always say hello and thank them for letting the public fish his ponds. It goes a long ways but leaving your trash behind just ruins that good will.

12/1/20 @ 2:59 PM
wi river rat

I won't fish the Yahara River/Cherokee Marsh off of HWY 113 in Madison because of the garbage.  Last week I almost took a picture of something I saw and it would of been perfect for this topic.  Leaving Lake Monona last week I saw two clear plastic cups with some liquid in them sitting on the docks they took out at Law Park. Then I saw a garbage can literally five feet from them.  Good Lord how flipp'n lazy can people be. There wasn't even a top on the garbage can.  Take two steps and drop them in.  Rat

11/28/20 @ 10:52 AM

I know the spot Brent. It used to be elbow to elbow fishermen at times and the area looked like a dump.  Same with the residential area on the NE side of Tichigan where a few kind folks allowed access .     Not any more and I don’t blame them!   CARPIO 

11/28/20 @ 9:47 AM
USER SINCE 10/11/15

Kinda on the same note....   I frequently walk the Ice Age trail.  I rarely ever see any litter along the trail...  until turkey hunting season... then I see cigarette butts all up and down the trail.

A week ago, I was walking the dog and found a climbing stand, on a tree,  along the trail on public land.  unattended... no big deal.  Except for the amount of food wrappers and such all around the bottom of the tree...  that $hit just pisses me off... you get to use the land for free and you reward and give thanks for the free use by leaving your trash all over the ground. 

Two days later. still deer season... I take the dog for a walk on the same trail... 30-06 over the shoulder... 'cause it is public land...   and I come up on the trail where I was earlier in the week... and holy cow. there is a dude in the tree 20 some feet off the ground in that climber... 

The conversation started pleasant...  but then...  I let him know I was't too please with his lack of respect and then some of the a hole in me bubbled to the top and he knew to pick up his litter before I left... 

Going back out the check the trail today.  See how effective I was in leaving an impression.  Not hoping for much. 

11/28/20 @ 9:31 AM
Brent Hess

The north side of lake Tichigan has a public firelane that provides access to the lake.  

You used to be able to park your car in the street, but year after year, folks littered the street with garbage. The homeowners got tired of it, went to the town board, and a no parking restriction has been in place ever since.

It’s a perfect example of a few slobs ruining access for all. 

Guess my point is, a big thanks for all you who do your part and clean up other peoples messes.

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
11/28/20 @ 7:25 AM
Old White Guy
USER SINCE 11/28/20

A little off subject, but Carpio had a good comment.  The same people can't but a shopping cart back to where it belongs. The Germans that own Aldi's figured out that not for a nickel, not for a dime, but if you charge them a quarter for their cart which is refundable the people will return to it's rightful place every time. Why doesn't everybody do this?  I saw a shopping cart sail across a Pick and Save parking lot last year that did $1800 worth of damage to a new pickup.

11/27/20 @ 8:42 PM
USER SINCE 8/29/06

I have a shore fishing spot I like to take my son to who has acute autism. He hates the boat. There are always beer cans (up to 30 at a time), worm containers, chicken liver containers, line, food and lure wrappers, etc. Every spring we bag out as much as we can carry. It is adjacent to a very nice sub-division that could get shore access shut down. Very nice spring catfish spot for an old guy and his adult son. Hoping to keep it open as long as I can. It's depressing to see and forces me to reflect on the nature of humanity in general. I am not hopeful for the future.

11/27/20 @ 10:14 AM

I sometimes bring one of those long reach grabber tools when I go to my shore spots.   You can get them for a buck at the dollar store.  That and a couple of plastic grocery bags.  Makes picking up after these slobs much easier.  You can even pick trash out of the water with it.

11/27/20 @ 9:52 AM
262 Fishing
262 Fishing
USER SINCE 8/10/18

I keep medical gloves in my tackle box for this very reason.  My buddy made fun of me that I was afraid to touch the fish... Until he saw me put a glove on to pick up some trash. 

11/27/20 @ 8:40 AM
USER SINCE 10/9/05

I put the boat away a few weeks ago so I went to a popular shore fishing spot before gun season. Now instead of just throwing trash on the ground we now have to leave deer carcasses. I did call the DNR but I don't expect to hear back from them. What the hell is wrong with people. 

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