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Shore Fishing For Salmon Advice

9/23/20 @ 9:36 AM
User since 9/8/20

So I'm going to try to shore fish for salmon of lake superior this up coming weekend. Have the mouth of a river right where I'm going to fish. Any advice? I've shore fished before for them in Alaska, but that was so long ago I don't even remember what I used and this is primarily on the lake and not deep in a river.

1. What kind of line should I be using, like mono or braided and what test? 

2. What am I looking for in terms of tackle? I think I want to keep it floating off the bottom right? 

3. Should I be fishing morning and evening prime times or is this an any time during the day type of deal?

Any direction anyone can steer me in will be greatly appreciated. I'll prob stop by a bait shop and talk to some people, but any advice I could get here would be appreciated!

9/24/20 @ 6:58 PM
Mr. panfish
User since 2/21/20

I agree I catch most of mine on spoons, mepps spinners work also orange or pink work well my. As for line I like to use braid with a mono or fluorocarbon leader.  I like to soak a spawn sac or 2 as I’m casting.

9/24/20 @ 3:10 PM
User since 5/11/20

Bait works ok but you'll catch way more fish on lures. Heavy spoons you can cast far, like 3/4 oz Little Cleos, work great. So do big body baits, like J13 Rapalas. Best times are evening, from about an hour before dark till you get tired of it, and early morning, from before dawn to maybe two hours after sunrise. You can catch fish at any time of day of course but its best at dawn and dusk.

Honestly, the Cleos and J13s work so well I haven't bothered with bait in over 20 years. Color doesn't really matter, use whatever you like. In the dark you use Cleos in glow in the dark finishes, just hit them with a small camera flash and they glow for 10 minutes. You can paint the backs of the J13s with glow paint and do the same, but you don't need to. They throw off so much vibration the fish find them no problem.

Any spinning outfit or baitcast outfit you can get good distance with will work. I just use cheap 10 pound mono, since you're gonna scrape so many rocks and zebra mussels it's kind of a waste of $$$ braid. But use whatever you have, it doesn't really matter. 

Good luck!


9/24/20 @ 11:08 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

couple links for you

several videos, including how to tie a snell and use a loop to hold skein on

sourcing skein cabelas .... Amazon

9/24/20 @ 8:35 AM
User since 9/8/20

Awesome! Thank you so much! For the skein and sacs, first off I have to find those. No idea where I can get that. Hopefully Cabela's has it, but they are usually good at letting me down. But for fishing it off the bottom, the bait will basically do that right? I don't need a hook with a fitting jig head right?

9/23/20 @ 9:35 PM
User since 10/25/16

I am far from an expert, but I've been fishing twice in the past month with people who are good at fishing from shore for salmon.  I'll try to answer your questions.

1. 40lb braid and a 15lb fluorocarbon leader.  I'd say at least three feet or more of fluorocarbon line that connects to your braid.

2. If you're fishing with spawn sacs or skein, try and keep the bait close to the bottom but not on the bottom.  You might need a slip bobber set up depending on how deep the water is where you are.  If you're fishing with lures (spoons, crank baits, etc), you want it to get near the bottom but not bang around against the bottom.

3. During the day, if you can fish with spawn sacs or skein, that's what seems to work then.  Morning or Evening you can use lures.

Hope that helps.  Also, here's some shameless self promotion when I did go fishing for salmon in the Milwaukee Harbor a week ago and we caught one king salmon on skein under a bobber.

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