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Shiver Minnows in the spring?

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2/1/23 @ 7:35 PM
User since 8/25/09

Anyone have luck ripping shivers in the spring or is it strictly a summer presentation?

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2/20/23 @ 10:08 AM
Lake bum
Lake bum
User since 3/28/18
Vegas, I’ve never tried hair jigs, I have heard about it from others, I’ll have to give it a whirl this spring. Any special size or color?

2/20/23 @ 8:33 AM
Lake bum
Lake bum
User since 3/28/18
I start using shiver minnows once the eyes move out into 20ft. I have good luck in the fall out on the reef.

2/7/23 @ 9:29 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 5/11/03

I've had good luck with them in the spring after the walleye river runs are done. Usually in shallow, 3 to 6 fow  flats off the the river mouths around Green Bay.

2/7/23 @ 12:05 PM
User since 5/21/03

I've caught some fish on shiver minnows in the spring on the Green Bay system.  And no, not the rivers.

They can work.  But what I've found is that they work when the fish are most active.  When fish are more neutral, forget about it.  Ripping Raps and hair jigs all day long.

It's like when they eat, they EAT!!!  I don't think it much matters what you put down there.  But overall, the hair jigs, twisters and rippin' raps will by far outproduce them in the spring.

2/2/23 @ 9:06 AM
Jerry Ruffolo
User since 6/18/01

Generally the Rippin Rap is the go-to for spring, and the shiver/ripper minnow is best for summer and fall.  That's not to say they won't work in spring though.  Good luck!

Displaying 1 to 6 of 6 posts

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