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Red Lake tribe seeking to take back all of Upper Red

3/14/23 @ 2:47 PM
User since 1/6/09

Tribe seeking to take back Upper Red Lake

Say good bye to Waskish if this happens

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3/27/23 @ 9:06 AM
User since 1/6/09
You are correct.  I didn't read it close enough.
3/25/23 @ 9:33 AM
User since 5/29/11
You cannot fish the part of Red Lake that is reservation even with a Native Guide. You can fish other lakes of the reservation with a Native Guide only.
3/20/23 @ 8:20 AM
User since 1/6/09
Good question.  If I had to speculate, I'd guess that it all comes down to the specific terminology in the treaty language governing the bodies of water contained in the tribal lands.

In the case of Upper Red Lake, back in the 1800s the tribe ceded the eastern 10 miles of URL to the US, so those acres of water are not part of the Red Lake reservation.  We ARE allowed to fish the remainder of URL and LRL if we hire a tribal guide and purchase a non-resident license from them.

Anyone caught fishing tribal waters without a guide/license is subject to fine, equipment confiscation, and banned from the reservation.
3/17/23 @ 1:56 PM
User since 4/17/07
Are there different 'levels' of tribal land? How come I can go fish some tribal waters but not others?
3/17/23 @ 6:19 AM
User since 3/9/11
Well Gobbler, maybe your not old enough but the casino's provide for the Native Americans. It allows them to get an education, health care, and employment, etc. Pre casino, some area's alcohol, gun's and food didn't come easy and it was more convenient for them to break into vacant cabins and take their booze, fishing gear, bikes, etc. Very little law enforcement back in the day. The casino's enabled them to come to your rummage sale pull out a wad of money and buy what they want. It enabled them to go to the local car dealership and buy a new car, take their family's to the local restaurant, educate their young, etc. So it's a really touchy subject! Unfortunately for older people, it's about the only good safe entertainment for them to blow their SS in the north woods 
3/15/23 @ 10:06 PM
User since 3/25/09
gobbler, I have to chuckle at your comment about casinos. Have you been in a casino? It isn't the indians giving the casions money. It's the same white man that complains about the indians then turns around and gives the indians their money. The majority of tribal income is from their casinos. To the whites, stop giving them your money or don't complain because you are aiding and abetting them 
3/15/23 @ 11:52 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/30/01
Maybe it's time to eliminate all federal funding, pull operations to all casinos not on reservation land.same with what's going on in Northern Wisconsin. Let them fend for themselves as they want to be their own nation.
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