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North lake, Wauk. Cty. Boat launch, WHATS THE HANGUP?

6/29/08 @ 4:32 PM
USER SINCE 1/29/08
I'd say make sure you have somebody to stay with the gear while retrieving the car, or finding a different place to fish. Somehow, I just don't see waiting on the DNR as a viable option. Too much like a political campaign promise, and nobody really believes those.

Of course,you could try to interest a sportsman's organization to fund a boat ramp, but that may be as successful as waiting for the DNR.


6/21/21 @ 12:26 PM

from the DNR when I asked about any news about the launch in 2017... sent for more info, but no replies... tough to fight city hall


The North Lake Management District is still pursuing the development of a public launch off Hwy 83 at the northeast side of the lake.  They secured all the permits last year from the DNR, Town and County.  They are now gathering their funding to construct it and they recently indicated they hope to begin construction in 2018.

We wish this was done by now too.  Thanks for your interest."



5/14/21 @ 5:35 PM
USER SINCE 9/13/09

The canoe was floated to demonstrate that there was enough water to "float a canoe" that is a standard to defining navigable water.

There is considerable wetland on that property.

The DNR bought the property without a right to build a road to it.  There is/was only an easement for a driveway.  That is in the deed and that is meaningful legally.

Neither had anything to do with why that development was stopped.  It was stopped because the DNR did not follow their own defined process for evaluating and granting permits.  This precedent applies statewide now to the DNR issuing permits to itself.  It was a landmark case that has nothing to do with wetlands, navigable water,etc.  The reason they haven't moved forward is that given the fact they have to adhere to the same standards as anyone else to develop a property that compromises wetlands it is much more difficult if at all possible to develop that site.  

Not sure if my comments are still here from 2007ish but I stated that at that time.  Non of this is a surprise.  50-50 if there will ever be a launch at that site.

5/1/21 @ 12:20 PM

there was some land acquired, then there was some fake reporting of wetland ( actually, just spring runoff ) being in the way of construction of a road to access that property... then the "lake association" all but begged for the DNR to use the land in town near the mouth of the inlet, even though it would require maintenance, dredging,  to keep it from filling in...however, now that has been in the courts again, and I believe the DNR has been silenced and the 30+ years of trying to get a public launch on North Lake has been quietly put aside... so , unlesss you  have a small enough boat, or are young enough to navigate the "public access" , you are SOL gaining access to one of the lakes supposedly open and owned by the public...

comparing the carry in Beaver lake launch to this launch is beyond a stretch

edit: *fake reporting--- there was a picture taken of a canoe "navigating the standing runoff to imply it was "navigable" waters".. person later admitted to staging the picture, but it accomplished what was desired, and the judge ruled against the DNR... maybe the judge was a friend? just saying


4/30/21 @ 1:00 PM
USER SINCE 12/25/01

I thought the land,where the launch was supposed to go,was bought awhile ago?

4/30/21 @ 10:55 AM

apparently, North lake will remain semi-private, even tho that is against the the Wisconsin constitution and Public Trust Doctrine ... money talks!

8/18/18 @ 2:33 PM

I don’t understand what you are trying to say in your comments. Is there going to be public access to North Lake, or not?

I read earlier in this thread that you can access this lake now, but from where, and how?

8/18/18 @ 6:42 AM
Landin' Lunkers

Well put it together. Im not gonna argue cuz I have acess to here if I want it... but debts and no acess to the purchased land. They go hand in hand. I dont care if im believed I was just trying to let you guys know what the word is. Not everything is made public knowledge. 

8/17/18 @ 4:45 PM
USER SINCE 9/13/09

The "public" is launching every day.....does every launch have to be the same?  Beaver is a carry in only, Lowes you carry in or kayak up the river, many others have huge paved launches.  Don't get the vitriol spewed about this topic...  The DNR bought land that they don't have a road to get to, if my old posts are on here you'd see i said that when they were buying it -- surprise they couldn't do it.  All this was predictable and many people did predict it.  It is true that if the people affected didn't have the money to call the DNR on this it would have happened.  The DNR has been forced to revise their process in how they grant themselves permits to be the same as anyone else as a result. No reason to hate on these people.

8/17/18 @ 11:52 AM

the incredible "legal" feet dragging continues... screw the public

8/17/18 @ 11:42 AM
USER SINCE 9/13/09

Hmmm....not sure about where this personal info came from.  There is no end in sight.  No clue what you mean by debts but that's not an issue with it at all.  It's a complicated transaction being proposed and involves 6+ entities.  2 years+ once there's an agreement and there isn't one as of today.

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