I've taken the family to White Sand Lake in Lac Du Flambeau the last couple of years for 4 day trips. The Walleye and Smallmouth fishing on this lake has been everything I could expect. I have tried for Musky's some, but have not raised anyting yet. I think we will probably be going back in the coming years. I would like to get into some Musky action and realize White Sand is probably not my best chance. I am considering trailering my boat to Ike Walton and/or Little Trout lakes. Both appear to be a bit off the beaten path. I know that there has been some vandalism problems in the past at the boat landings. It is recommended to arrive early and be off by Noon. It sounds like the boat landing at Ike Walton is sandy and somewhat shallow. I have an All Wheel Drive vehicle and a 16' Lund Rebel so I'm wondering if it is worth it to even try launching there. As for Little Trout, my Sportman's Connection books both list a boat landing on the South side of the lake off of Little Trout Rd, but Lake-Link says there is no boat ramp. It would appear that both lakes have a lot more weeds than White Sand and I am thinking that it would be much easier to pattern Musky if there were more weeds. Can anyone chime in and let me know your experiences with the boat landings on these lakes and your experience Musky fishing them? Please PM if you don't want to post for everyone to see.