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High Lake, Mayflies and skeeters

5/31/23 @ 1:11 PM
The Muskie Kid
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Hi, just wondering.  Friends fished Gogebic this past week and did well on Walleye.  But also reported the Mayflies and skeeters are starting to hatch!   Can High Lake and Vilas County expect them next?  How long do they last and do mayflies shut down fishing, or just make it unbearable to be on the water?   Do local DNR offices post info on the annual hatching and the effects on fishing, etc.?   Thanks!

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6/2/23 @ 10:27 AM
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I was up on High last weekend and the skeeters were awful at the landing. Not a big deal when you were on the water.
6/1/23 @ 9:34 AM
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My opinion is a mayfly hatch can certainly shut things down to an extent; however, they're clearly still feeding. I think it's a matter of matching the hatch so to speak. I remember a number of years ago we were up on Cass Lake in MN and there was a huge hatch going on. Heard from a few people how fishing was tough, and while it wasn't great for us, rather than jigging and slip bobbering I trolled spinner rigs on wire bottom bouncers with crawlers and leeches and had enough success for it to not be a total bust.
Coincidentally, coming in to the dock in the evening was less than fun due to skeeters because you had to keep your mouth closed from about 20 feet from the dock and then rush to unload and spin the wheel on the lift and then schlep everything to the cabin. That was in the days before the electric zappers so having one with you could certainly help, or at least give you a good light show after dark. Thermacells work well too if you're in a set location and it's not too breezy. A head net can be a game changer too. 
5/31/23 @ 7:38 PM
Musky Ben
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Muskie KId:

Mayflies:  A quote from the book on Mayfly larvae from the University of Wisconsin written by Tom H. Klubertanz. There are over 150 species of mayflies in WI and another possible 40 species that may likely range into the state as well. I would say that there are approximately 4 or 5 that will hatch between now and the Hexagenia that are our largest and hatch near the summer solstice.

Skeeters... Our 40" snowfall in April didn't do us any favors regarding these pests!!! I recently sold and downsized my living situation. A small pond next door was almost dry last summer. This spring it is larger than any of the previous 5 springs!!! Open the door to go outside and you'll have 40-50 of them swarming you and they ARE the talk of the state this year from here in the Northwoods to the southern border!!! 

And until the dragonflies and other mosquito eating good guys show up, it's going to be a tough season with them around. And this forecast doesn't include the deer and horse flies about to hatch as well!!!

Musky Ben
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