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5/18/21 @ 2:54 PM
USER SINCE 10/25/16

Hello everyone,

Are there any free boat launches in Southeastern Wisconsin? For example, I hear that the launch on Okauchee Lake is free, but it fills up quickly. Just wondering. If not, what are some of the less expensive ones?


7/30/21 @ 6:40 AM
USER SINCE 3/23/20

Se Wisconsin fishing not even worth the cost or time. with how much it cost to own a boat  then have to pay each time you launch what a joke. As far as a boat launch that's free in se Wisconsin okauchee and waubessee across from wind lake and turtle by whitewater or potters by eas t troy only ones I haven't had to pay at . And the fill out the envelope thing needs to be up dated. I fish the Mississippi river alot and the thing is to launch on the Minnesota side it's free and 2 miles away in Wisconsin you have to pay? In fact all the lakes I've fished in Minnesota are free including the one I have property on. They should all be free in Wisconsin unless you own the launch like a resort or restaurant/bar which I don't mind helping out a small business but not the state. And the prices for launching usually go by popularity like Geneva is expensive and busy. But like other said your paying for them to clean them after people who can't clean up after themselves which irritates me even more when ice fishing.

7/29/21 @ 5:11 PM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

Southern Wisconsin...where people believe more taxes and fees are the answer.  Although someone has to pay to clean up their filth.

Good Lord, I'm glad I don't live down there.

7/29/21 @ 4:32 PM
USER SINCE 2/18/19

I would be happy with a statewide fee good for any launch, similar to a state park sticker good for any state park. Aren't most local launches getting reimbursement from DNR anyway? PIA with all the different fees and annual stickers and passes everywhere you want to fish. For those who just fish a few lakes pay the local fee.

5/22/21 @ 8:58 AM
USER SINCE 6/14/05

in a broad area around where I live most of the launches were free at one time but people in general are pigs and someone has to maintain them so they incorporated a lot of the landings with State Park/County park. Still a pretty good deal considering...I do use two municipal landings (seldom) but they run $ a pinch $5 to launch isn't a big deal but $10-$12 is out of the question, it just keeps riffraff like me out of there so it is good for everybody else that is willing to pay that.

5/21/21 @ 9:36 AM
Bowhunting Guy
USER SINCE 5/22/18

Other states like MN, OH, and IL (and it takes a lot for me to find anything positive about IL) prove that boat launch fees are another ridiculous taxation and unnecessary. 

We’re already taxed at well over 50% when you combine income, property, fuel, vehicle registration, etc, etc. There are plenty of examples in WI where boat launch fees are not applied to ramp maintenance. 

Most people who have spent the money to buy a boat and gear are not going to let a $5 or $10 dollar launch fee stop them. Fortunately we have this fantastic outlet to grumble about it. 

5/21/21 @ 8:51 AM

If you don't utilize the state park, then the sticker is your launch fee.

5/21/21 @ 7:53 AM

Long Lake and Auburn Lake in the Northern Kettle Moraine are free is you have a State Park Sticker.  There are also a number of smaller lakes with fee free launches that just require a State Park sticker.  

5/20/21 @ 4:05 PM
USER SINCE 1/17/07

Someone commented that Wind Lake and Lake Denoon are free. Wind is, Denoon isn't. Denoon has a steel box that you must put in, I believe it was $6.00 or so. Plus Wind Lake's launch is much better than Denoon's which is a joke. Hard to get a deep V in at Denoon. Plus it has no pier which Wind does.

5/20/21 @ 7:05 AM
USER SINCE 3/23/20

Some launch prices in Wisconsin are insane $12+ a bit much for me haven't fished se Wisconsin in a while even though I live in Milwaukee county. With all the $ that goes into fishing in a boat like registration, license, bait, gas , tackle, and a ton more then to have to pay a launch fees what ajoke. Perfect scenario we go to onalaska alot fish the Mississippi river we use to launch on the Wisconsin side but now you have to pay so like us we camp on the islands so I have to pay for each day but solved that problem we launch on the Minnesota side it's free. I've fished Minnesota 100' s of other lakes and all launches are free and launches are better kept. Only launch h in se Wisconsin I've launched that was free was okauchee. Plus who carries cash anymore. 

5/19/21 @ 8:29 PM
USER SINCE 10/6/09

ok prop tell me why all boat launches should be pay to use. It is proven that these fees aint used right. Here in Sheboygan county we pay to launch but the money goes to the plank road trail for upkeep on that. Its all B.S. if you ask me. Then lets charge for all roads in the state. Maybe a fee to hunt anything on public land. How about a parking permit to park on the road in front of my house. You wont get me to agree on this. I once had a year pass to launch on Random lake and once they tried to tell me I couldnt launch because they were full. That didnt work out to good for that guy at the launch.

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