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Chippewa Flowage Panfish Limits

5/9/18 @ 12:29 PM
Jarrid Houston
Capt. Jarrid Houston
User since 5/24/16

My thought on the pan fish limit is this, 25 fish is extreme and I hope it gets changed!!!!

Houston's Guide Service
(218) 393-4962
2/23/19 @ 10:59 PM
User since 9/2/07
I have been coming up here for 15 years. The bluegill population is very strong if not over populated. One thing I would like to see is letting the big males go to help size structure. We personally release all gills 9”or bigger. Crappie used to be 10 a day now back to 25 because they rebounded and now are very abundant. I see no reason for a change. A recent article has the biologist saying you can’t hurt the bluegill population they are so abundant. 

2/23/19 @ 9:30 AM
User since 11/28/07

Panfish limits need to be lowered during spawning periods, (regardless of where you live).  There is way to much pressure on these fish during this time of the year.  Hopefully the state can address this issue soon to make sure we do not cut our own throats. 

We are quickly becoming our worst enemies.  

2/22/19 @ 9:31 PM
User since 6/14/05

and you need to actually be able to type a civil conversation and live in the area that is talked about.....

2/21/19 @ 7:58 PM
User since 11/28/07

Pannie limits need 2 b lowered during spawning periods, state wide.  Way way 2 much pressure of these fish during this time frame and if the state does not address this issue soon,  we r gonna cut our own throats.  

We r quickly becoming our worst enemies.  

2/21/19 @ 7:46 PM
MEMBER since 11/5/17

Capt.   IMO.  Driving 200-400 mi. Or more and paying 100s$ for guides, lodging etc, just to keep 10 panfish or so is what I call ridiculous.       CARPIO 

2/21/19 @ 7:40 PM
User since 6/14/05

ok bleeding hearts....they have a big draw down and kill thousands of fish every year...then...decide to open it up to ice fishing...but...if I decide to keep 25/50 fish is a problem?....have another drink and think about it....

2/16/19 @ 2:12 PM
User since 1/30/12

I saw this on a fishing video some place. Would a twelve, six, three limit work here? Let's say fall crappie season, you can catch 12 crappie pretty easy, next you have to switch to perch or bluegill groups.  Your daily limit is 21, fish can be interchanged, for instance 12 perch, 6 crappie and 3 gills. It promotes talent and reduces harvest levels when fish are vulnerable. 

5/15/18 @ 6:01 PM
User since 7/23/11


Excellent comments. About 4 years ago we were lucky enough to transition from a vacationer to a home owner on the west side.

Knowing that I’ll be up there once per month for most summer months I normally will try for 8-10 panfish for a meal.  I’m ok with either crappies or bluegills.

The bluegill population has improved a lot which has me partial to something more like 10 crappies and the remainder as bluegills if they do decide to keep the overall panfish limit at 25.

i certainly get that balance is needed to sustain adequate limits to still be attractive for those spending big $$ for a cabin, etc.

im not sure about the level of overbagging if it’s happening. If it is a few cases of input from the rest of us could help. The game wardens cant be everywhere at all times.

the Chip is an awesome body of water; hopefully an adjustment gets made that sustains that.

Rick R.

5/15/18 @ 1:30 PM
Shiprex III
User since 5/27/14

I know quite a few guides have actually stated they tell their clients they have some limits on the size/numbers of fish that they will allow being kept in their boats (more restrictive than the regs.).  Business-wise, that is a little risky, but is definitely an indicator of principles/charactor.   I applaud  those who should be most interested in preserving a resource actually practice what they preach.

If you are a guide and you don't think keeping 25 panfish, or 3 walleyes, or 2 bass, or whatever is appropriate for the fishery, then there is nothing keeping you from communicating this to your clients and having that agreement prior to leaving the dock.    So, if ou are a guide and want regs to change, start in with the way you conduct your own business.

Here is likely a safe assumption....those that keep more than their fair share, won't be deterred by 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 fish limit.  They will continue to poach as the rules/laws don't apply to them.

5/14/18 @ 1:41 PM
User since 6/21/01

I'll tell ya what, I may draw a little fire here but I'm going to say it anyway. Panfish population has varied greatly over the years on the chip and always seems to rebound. The locals, and  cabin owners in the area have put more hurt on this body of water over the years as far as panfish more than the summer vacationers will ever do!

I'm not saying that those that spend their 4-7 days a summer on the chip for their summer vaca don't keep their fair share, but I would be very interested to look into the freezers and check possession limits of those that can target the water more often than the tourists that patron your area.

Capt'n Jarrid, I can see your point as well but "Management of panfish" does't always mean slashing the panfish limits. And you made a point of Minn. fishing and their panfish limits but they're also able to keep a nice limit of walleye as well.

Whats the matter with enforcing the rules as they are and voicing some education management. I have several friends there in the guide assn. and I'm sure I would get mixed reviews on this but when you pay a min. of $300.00 a day for a guide people like to take some fish home to eat, not just "A" meal. I'm all good with proper management, but not an off the cuff reaction if its not backed with proof!

Thanks, just my 2cents.


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