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Bulrushes killed by Milfoil

5/27/20 @ 7:39 PM
User since 3/9/03

 Family property since 1924 on private lake. I have been there the last 50. In the last 3 years we have a lot of strange weeds and all the bulrushes are gone. Used to be able to get bass in  vast  beds of them. Now all the fishings gone to nothing no bass cant even get a northern. It sucks because there are only 8 landowners and most of us dont go anywhere else with boats, but some of them rent out and people bring jet skis and  other things. Has any one out there have that happen on your lake.

TODAY @ 2:36 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

seems your best bet would be to contact the DNR for identification and possible treatments... to put out weed killer, you would have to apply for a license from the DNR according to what I read

TODAY @ 12:57 PM
User since 7/17/09

Sorry to hear the changes to your private lake. 

Agree with Migr8r, alot of contamination occurs from birds jumping around from lake to lake. Is there drainage into the lake from another water source? 

 Not sure how a jet ski trailer can be any different than a standard boat trailer. Im sure the lake residents are launching boats that may have been to other waters around there primary residence. 

IMO, 80 acre lake just doesnt sound appealing for Jet Skiing fun. 

TODAY @ 12:14 PM
User since 10/3/12

There are seven species of milfoil native to wisconsin.  The invasive one is eurasian milfoil.  Hard for even trained technicians to tell them all apart with just the naked eye. So dont panic just yet dont assume its invasive.  All lakes change and not always to our liking

Those cloudy globs in your water.  I am no expert for sure but I have always assumed they were dragon fly eggs. They come and go. 

TODAY @ 10:41 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

sucks losing the bull rushes.... always a sign of a healthy lake, at least that's what I was taught

I saw a show about a lake in MN where there is a service that pulls them out by hand, but didn't find it...yet

but you might be able to do some of that with others on the lake, maybe not perfect, but minimize the damage done... would be nice getting bull rushes back  

I'm sure you looked here, but in case you haven't, from the DNR

TODAY @ 10:25 AM
User since 11/11/15

Please note that my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek, sort of...   

So tell me again, gentlemen, how man can improve upon God and nature?   

TODAY @ 9:55 AM
User since 3/9/03

Just found out from one of the shoreowners. He said he has seen one of the other shoreowners  throwing aquacide pellets out of a five gallon bucket several times. Looks like we also have a major fish kill. we and he have not seen any bass beds and only  a couple bluegill beds and no one can catch any fish. This idiot bought out a campground and then subdivided it  into ten other lots and one of them rents to people who bring their own boats and jet skis.

5/29/20 @ 8:45 AM
User since 3/9/03

We werent really sure what was going on until the last two years we think there are also some other kinds of funky weeds that we never saw before. Some are big jelly globs, some look like big clouds of fluff and cover large areas and some milfoil. Now it would be a matter of money to do something. There used to be only two places on the lake now there are 9 . Im guessing our next step would be to get an assessment from Weeders Digest and get a grant or call the DNR first to see what steps would have to be taken. Just wondered if any one has had to go through that process that could  give me some info on what they know. The lake is only 80 acres so maybe it wouldnt be too much.Ihave no idea what something like that would cost.

5/28/20 @ 8:06 PM
MEMBER since 11/5/17

They should check all trailers!    That’s how the weed spreads the fastest. CARPIO 

5/28/20 @ 8:01 PM
40 yrs + on black lake
MEMBER since 5/6/04

I have been off the lake for a year due to a physical condition. Do the landing Nazis now give the same level of inspection to jet skis that they previously gave to my bass boat? Looks like that may be an opportunity for improvement....

5/28/20 @ 7:22 AM
User since 1/1/05

Why didn't you do anything about it when you first saw it?

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