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Boat landings closed on Flambeau reservation

5/10/23 @ 8:34 PM
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5/26/23 @ 7:45 AM
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Way back when I was young, my brother, his friend and I were at our favorite bar in Lake Tomahawk having a good time. His friend decided to hop in the car with a couple ladies and head out for even more fun only to get in a crash and end up in the hospital. The next day when my brother and I stopped in at the bar and told the owner he was so sorry that had to happen. When he asked where the crash was my brother said on the res. The owner said was he with girls from the res? When my brother said yes the owner said well I change my mind, anyone that goes over there deserves what they get. Still makes me laugh. 

Boat landing money should go for boat landings but it doesn't. In Brown County most of it goes to salaries that don't even know there is a boat ramp. 

5/25/23 @ 11:05 PM
User since 5/29/11
Don't know anything about Tribal land fees.
Boat launch fees are SUPPOSED to be used to maintain or improve the ramp, docks, parking area, cleaning station, etc. The fees are not to be used for picnic shelters, playground equipment, or in a regular park. Fees not to be used in any area or service not related to boating. Many of the Counties, Townships, and Municipalities throw this money in their general fund it gets spent on anything they want.  The $$$ are gone the ramp needs fixing so they fix and raise the fee to "pay for it". The cycle starts all over again.The State or DNR does not follow up so there is no accountability or enforcement on the law. This has no bearing on privately owned launches.

5/25/23 @ 8:43 PM
User since 10/3/12
Have to guess that LDF doesnt want to be taken as pushovers but that works multiple ways too.  Casinos and gas stations (tourism) are also their bread and butter.  Think they have enough sense to seek a business like balance of supply and demand. and goodwill?  In my experience their customer oriented business sense and good will is sadly lacking  on the LDF and this especially came to light when I compare my experience on reservations in northern Minnesota. 

On the other hand lot of other launches in the area charge a fee as well.  The lake I am on has no public access so access is limited by tavern owners and often for a price.  Round/Pike chain has a fee to use the national forest launch.  TFF launch is run by the DNR and thats free if I am not mistaken.

5/25/23 @ 12:59 PM
User since 7/20/09
Yeah the whole cross their land thing is new for sure.  They realized they can make a lot of money off it.  Boat landings are one thing, but the easements that went outdated with title companies is a whole other thing.  That will be their big money maker because they are going to win that one.  

Had to snap a picture earlier in the year as we drove by one of them.

5/24/23 @ 1:58 PM
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The tribes declared 489 walleye,  but I believe they did not spear, also some roads were closed and will be again in mid june if an agreement isn't reached 

5/24/23 @ 12:07 PM
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There also is a rumor I heard that they declared over 1100 walleyes this spring on the Minocqua chain even though walleye fishing remains closed?  I also heard something that they shut down some roads to elderly people in that area?  This must be just another unsubstantiated rumor you guys fabricated to stir up the pot.  Good one!

5/24/23 @ 8:02 AM
User since 7/20/09
I do see it owned by the reservation as well.  They might let the state use it or have some sort of agreement.  If you have been paying attention lately though, those agreements aren't worth much.  Not saying anything would happen, but it would not shock me either. 

5/23/23 @ 11:02 PM
User since 12/7/05
As I previously mentioned, I don't live up there, only visit a couple times a year. In the county I live in, an annual County Park sticker is $25, which gives access to all of our county parks and 8 or 9 boat launches on the lakes in the county. I would have no problem paying $60 at LDF if the launches reflect the price of the sticker. For example, if the launches are concrete without washouts, ample refuse containers and porta-potties or bathrooms, then fine. If it is a washed out gravel landing with garbage everywhere and no way to go to the bathroom, then why are you charging so much money? Basically, I would hope they would use that money to maintain and improve the landings if they are going to charge that for a few boat landings when most in northern WI are free. That won't be known for a couple of years I guess...

We have a launch near my house on the Wisconsin River that the local municipality charges $85 / year to use ONE launch...but there are TWO well-drained concrete ramps, a nice dock that they reposition every time there is significant changes in river flow, bathrooms with running water and flush toilets, a beach, picnic area and parking for about 30-35 trucks w/ trailers. I buy their annual sticker every year because the fishing is awesome and the facilities are clean and maintained daily by their DPW. My point was going forward, hopefully the facilities at the LDF launches will reflect they are taking in quite a bit of money from those using the launches.

5/23/23 @ 8:03 PM
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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Bender good to see you’re keeping up with stirring the pot, I’ve been taking to the LDF warden’s for weeks now they have nothing to do with the landing on fence or little crawling stone. He said state owned but no permit needed. The permit is not for parking it is for crossing tribal land. Even parking on the street you need a permit to cross there land.

5/23/23 @ 6:21 PM
Fin Bender
Fin Bender
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My post wasn't directed at you or your info Nav.

5/23/23 @ 5:25 PM
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The information came from an LDF tribal member at the LDF lake alliance meeting so the source is legitimate.  

5/23/23 @ 4:09 PM
Fin Bender
Fin Bender
User since 9/16/11
The Wi DNR  Public Boat Access Site does NOT list the Fence lake boat landing as being owned by the state of Wisconsin. Whoever said that is giving out some incorrect information.

5/23/23 @ 3:49 PM
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Private land, private landing, repairs by the owner, no public money, charge what you want.
 The Wisconsin trust doctrine quarantee‘s access to all water in the state, not sure if it includes the rez.. Can’t charge to launch, but can charge to park.

5/23/23 @ 12:26 PM
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thanks NAV!!

5/23/23 @ 11:50 AM
User since 5/23/05
I just the list of the permitted and free to public landings on the reservation:
Permitted -  Campground, White Sand Lake, Sterns, Big Crooked Lake, Upper Sugarbush, Middle Sugarbush, Whitefsih, Mitten Lake, Statenaker, Broken Bow and Bolton.
Public/Town - Free to public -  Shishebogama both landings, Gunlock, Little Crawling Stone, Pokegama off Oberland Lane, Ike Walton, Fence Lake, Little Trout.  
Closed Landings- Black Lake, Negani Lake, Grey Lake, Thomas Lake, Reservation Line Lake, Cranberry Lake, Fat Lake, Minnete Lake, Birch Lake, Poupart Lake, Signal Lake, Plumer Lake, Tank Lake and Raven Lake.

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