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Attacked By Monster Pike!

8/20/17 @ 6:33 AM
User since 5/5/02

Well this is the craziest thing to happen to me while fishing.  Before everyone says I dont know how to handle a fish I have caught many fish like this before and about 20 muskies all larger than this fish.  This was just one mean fish that had our number!! 

12/8/17 @ 5:08 PM
User since 3/22/10
But Shane, that blood adds dramatic effect.

12/7/17 @ 5:35 PM
User since 3/26/15

I probably would’ve at least wrapped it up in something instead of letting blood drip all over the boat. I would’ve also brought the pike into the boat to extract the hook. It won’t die just because it’s in the boat.

12/7/17 @ 8:12 AM
pike eyes
User since 12/28/10

I think I mised something completely, I never saw the "monster pike"

12/7/17 @ 6:18 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12

Queen ain’t afraid of no blood!!!!!!! Lol

12/4/17 @ 11:56 AM
ice queen
ice queen
User since 12/16/10

suck it up buttercup!! Got a musky  5/0 hook in my pinky finger over weekend, "doctor" husband pulled out with pliers wrapped me up in a band aid kept fishing!!

12/4/17 @ 8:28 AM
MEMBER since 10/7/12

Really !!!!  I had to stop the video after you said you were really hurt bad and showed a picture of your hand. If you washed off the blood you probably would have a hard time seing the "scratch" from the hook. Go out and get a set it sounds like you need some

12/3/17 @ 6:00 PM
User since 3/22/10

I was hooked in the neck 1/2" deep with a treble from a crank bait. Friends bait caster birds nested and came flying at me. Still don't know how, but it is what it is. Just between my earlobe and jaw bone. Tip of hook was fairly close to my artery. Only reason I know that is because the ER the had do a quick surgery cutting and peeling away the muscle tissue the barb was embedded in.

Didn't realize that at the time of hooking though. I took the crank off, left the hook in and wanted to keep fishing. Stayed about 30 more minutes, then realized we were about a hour and a half from closest ER, so I decided to go.

Didn't make a video, but have a couple nice pictures.

12/2/17 @ 5:34 PM
User since 7/10/12


You got stuck by a hook. Sorry for that, but to videotape the whole thing and act like you were shot during battle, really? Even the hospital trip? We've all been stuck by hooks and had them removed in one way or the other. I felt the most sympathy for your 13 year old kid. Not for the fact that he got stuck too, but for the fact that he had to be filmed side by side walking into the hospital next to an "adult" with a Band-Aid on his hand to get an stich or two on his "oweee". Really, man up next time, wash it off and have a first aid kit on board for you and your teenage boy.  

12/1/17 @ 2:13 PM
User since 4/19/16

First and foremost do not get a fish gripper.  Have seen them split the jaw of a fish too many times.  I dont care if they are the most expensive ones with the best swivel on them.  They are dangerous to a fish despite what any person says.  Second get the hooks out of and clear of the net before tring to handle a fish.  As this video proves, they can become a serious weapon when a fish starts thrashing both to the human and the fish.  Have seen fish hook their eyeballs while thrashing and the hook is still in the net.  Third, have a good bolt/hook cutter to make getting the hooks out of the net easier if need be.  Fourth have a good quality net that doesn't tangle easily.  Lastly, wear a fish handling glove and almost all cuts can be avoided. 

9/16/17 @ 4:30 AM
Annes Regret
MEMBER since 7/7/11
Fish cradle, wire cutters and a first aid kit. Could happen to anyone.

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