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9/11/19 @ 1:26 PM
The Muskie Kid
User since 12/11/02

Is there a forum here to ask the DNR questions? How does the DNR determine if a specific lake they manage and stock is being overfished?  Just by the lack of creel report numbers, spring shocking programs, etc.,?  How do they estimate how many walleye are being harvested? Is that part of their shocking and tagging programs, reported tribal spearing reports and estimates of what should be left based on their projections and formulas for how many fingerlings they stock and how many of those should survive to maturity?  But how do they know how many fish 'anglers' are taking?  (I sure ain't one of them!  LOL!)  For instance, using Lake Namakagon, in Cable, Wisconsin, with known records of stocking, shocking, creel reports, tribal numbers, etc., how many anglers, would have to catch how many fish, from one year to another, to affect or calculate what the walleye population is to the degree it has been affected in this lake anyway?  

9/21/19 @ 9:49 AM
User since 2/28/02

Thank you. We got the short end of the stick on this deal. 

9/20/19 @ 9:02 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

BigPike, I emailed DNR about 30 minutes ago about your question and they sent me back this link

Not sure why your request wasn't responded to tho

This was reply:


I located an article on this:  It looks like we received a donation in return for the grouse.

If you have further questions on this our Assistant Upland Wildlife Ecologist Alaina Gerrits can be reached at 608-261-8458.

Thank you,

Nic R."

9/20/19 @ 3:12 PM
User since 2/28/02

Im sure we can handle our own habitat without a Missouri donation. Giving the few grouse we have for turkeys is like trading a Maserati and receiving back a VW bug. Turkey's are the very plague that are hurting our grouse population. Btw still no Dnr response to my question 

9/14/19 @ 3:28 PM
User since 9/27/01

I’ve spoken via email to the fisheries biologist who manages the lake we’re on. He stopped stocking walleye about 10 years ago and I contacted him asking why. His reply was that they were not getting sufficient returns during their spring netting efforts. He also mentioned that the state of the public launch reduces access as you can only launch a small boat from it. There are 3 good launches on private land that we all share so no one has lobbied for the public launch to be improved. He offered to issue me a stocking permit if I wanted to collect money from landowners on the lake for the fingerlings. I looked into it and quite honestly, it’s just less hassle trailering my boat to a different lake if I want to fish for walleye. That’s my experience. Good luck.

9/14/19 @ 11:54 AM
User since 6/15/01

Also, there are grouse going to Kentucky for elk.

9/14/19 @ 9:32 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

there use to be "Ask A Warden" thread on Lake-Link, maybe 10 years ago or so, where an actual Warden would read our questions and provide answers...

was very cool he took time to do that, but it has since gone away

this thread could be a viable replacement, just need to ask the questions directly to the DNR via their Contact services, and if you want, share the Q&A with us

or, if you know something, as the post below, share it

9/14/19 @ 7:34 AM
User since 10/17/01

I can give you a quick answer to this one. I'm not associated with the DNR, but do remember reading about it. Missouri is going to make a donation for habitat management in the areas the grouse are caught. They also said it was payback for the turkeys Missouri gave us when we first reintroduced them back in our state.

9/14/19 @ 5:34 AM
User since 2/28/02

Thanks for the email link. I just sent them a question as to why we are giving our grouse away to the state of Missouri and what the benefit is for the state of Wisconsin.  I'll be interested in the response.

9/13/19 @ 7:15 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

If you do the email thing, you can direct your question to the biologists for the lake, lakes or county, and they will forward to the appropriate person... sometimes I get emails back from several different persons involved...

... incase you have trouble finding the right person in the lookup

9/13/19 @ 6:21 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

DNR Fisheries Biologists typically have a few counties under their area of oversight. 

Fisheries Biologists have the ability to set special regulations for specific lakes within their area of oversight.  

A Fisheries Biologist in Vilas County has a completely different set of concerns than a Fisheries Biologist in Racine County.  

One has to consider Tribal bag limits, and the other does not.  One has to consider Milfoil, and the other Spiny Water Fleas. 

Guess my point is, if you have a question on a particular waterway, call the Fisheries Biologist who manages it. It wouldn’t be possible for one biologist to answers questions for a waterway that is not under his oversight. 

Goto the DNR staffing directory and type in “Fisheries Biologist” and then pick the one that manages the lake that you have questions on.  

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