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Are we allowed to fish

3/23/20 @ 5:23 PM
User since 6/19/15

  Do any one have a clear understanding  of the restrictions?

Called local bait shop he was opening he didn't know about tomorrow..

If we can go for a walk and keep social distance.. Can we go boating 


TODAY @ 5:34 AM
Fishin Deep
Fishin Deep
User since 1/1/11

Their separating the infections by county so I'll fish within my county. Love to haul my gear up to Petenwell when it opens up but Adams county has 0 infections. Doesn't seem right for me to unknowingly drag the virus there. That's my take on this. Later on when they start showing infections there, ?????????????

3/28/20 @ 10:31 PM
User since 3/26/20

Prop-buster, thank you for your intellectual insight

3/28/20 @ 8:25 PM
User since 10/2/06

I think the problem that my wife and I are grappling with is what *exactly* is too far to travel.  We respect the non-essential travel guideline and don't want to take unnecessary risks.  That being said, we live in Mequon, and the nearest boat landing is Port Washington, 18 miles away.  Once the weather gets nicer it's going to be so damn hard to resist the temptation to put the boat in and troll, and it would just be nice to know for sure whether or not that was a possibility.  I'm guessing not.

3/28/20 @ 7:05 PM
User since 6/14/05

well thank you Net-Man for YOUR opinion sure it will be cherished by everyone on LL......

3/28/20 @ 5:47 PM
Bofish 3
User since 3/25/20

I am not here to argue or have my post deleted. I am fine with the gov order, but I think most of us would agree, it would be nice if it was more specific. He does mention in the order- "your own community" and "essential travel examples".  I can see posting on here will not change some people minds. I love fishing just like 95%  or more of the people on this site do. I feel bad for people that don't have a decent spot to fish in their community or close to their house. I don't see a problem where I live and fish in regard to the social distancing. I, as well as most people would not want to see this virus take off and overwhelm the small communities and hospitals north of hwy 29 or south of 29 for that matter. By travelling out of your own communities, people can be spreading it without even knowing it

3/28/20 @ 4:53 PM
User since 10/9/05

So we may have to go through this all over again. Don't think financially we would survive. 

3/28/20 @ 4:42 PM
Tr carper
Tr carper
User since 6/15/15

Hothead my wife's coworker's son is in medical field in Florida. He told is mom yesterday that they are planning on this virus to be back in fall.

3/28/20 @ 4:35 PM
User since 10/9/05

I just had a bad thought, is this virus going to be like the flu and be back again next year. I know they have shots for the flu but it doesn't stop them all.

3/28/20 @ 4:10 PM
User since 6/20/13

ChiltonH-  Thanks for posting the data/comments from Rob M.. Sure am missing my steelhead and Fox River trips but there are more important things to consider right now..  

3/28/20 @ 3:33 PM
User since 3/26/20

Bofish 3, In my last post I am only telling you what the executive orders states. If you do not like it then complain to the the governor.

My opinion is that I have no problem if people go fishing if they follow the social distancing requirement as stated in the executive order.

If you go down to a boat launch at the Fox River since the executive order was in place I would bet there is over 25% of the people not following the social distancing requirement. I would not be surprised if it is over 50%. 

If you look at a 21' boat or smaller that is not a tiller boat the cockpit area is too small for 2 people to maintain a 6' distance from each other.  Sit some one in the driver seat and you will start having difficulty maintaining a 6'distance. A tiller boat would give you more flexibility but in today's world the bulk of the boats are not tiller boats.

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