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2021 spring hearing

4/11/21 @ 1:18 PM
USER SINCE 12/28/18

The 2021 spring hearing goes live again this year at 7pm 4-12-2021.

The input will be open for 3 days.


4/20/21 @ 1:19 AM


4/19/21 @ 9:12 PM

Results are in.

4/15/21 @ 11:31 AM
USER SINCE 6/15/01

I’ll support that FH. I know you’ll frame it for it’s true intent. 

$40 gets a guide license. I’ve met and seen pics of guys I’d throw out of their own boat. Before leaving the dock. 

Just sayin’.  

4/15/21 @ 9:54 AM
Fin Bender
Fin Bender
USER SINCE 9/16/11

Yes to #52!

4/15/21 @ 9:11 AM
USER SINCE 6/15/01

That was  one of my issues FH. Raise it from $10, to just seemed like hitting fungoes into center field. 

The guide gifting also. I was stuck on that one hard. My memory went to folks who pay to take whitefish home. And just don’t get the program. Granted it was difficult for folks this last season. I guess you gotta learn to fish your way out of a bucket. no guarantees.

Direct me different if I’m wrong. I’d like to see that fishery less exploited. A 5ish range. Anybody whispers the commercial quotas, they’re full of goby crap. Ugh.  

I’ll pull at least ten year “official”  documented growth rate charts for that hammer to stop getting dropped.  

I know it’ll take a few steps and seasons to get any balls rolling on bag and size limit changes. 

Thanks for bearing my gripe out. 

4/15/21 @ 8:11 AM

thought I would move this to the top

clickable link 

thanks to Chippman for the address

4/15/21 @ 6:48 AM
Fish Hound
USER SINCE 1/29/02

Yes to #52!! Next year I will propose a resolution that requires Walleye guides to purchase a state license and submit monthly harvest reports like the salmon industry does. The industry has grown to large not to be tracked more closely.

I also suggest they raise the cost of the two day sport fishing license which includes the Great Lakes stamp (currently $14) rather than raising the cost of the stamp for everybody. That put's some of the responsibility back on the charter industry rather than the weekender. 

4/15/21 @ 1:40 AM
USER SINCE 6/15/01

Ach!! Mis-hit..”no more restriction” on trappers. 

4/14/21 @ 11:57 PM
USER SINCE 6/15/01

The rules and regulations proposals  are pretty straightforward. We vote hard if it affects our home fish & critter habitats. Dang good sense when your pulse is on the resource. 

I vote everytime...”YES” when the concerns and inputs of the locals are cited. I know where they’re coming from. Drop panfish from 25 to lower limits. If them local folks say  it, that’s how it should  go.  

It will be an enforcement issue. From what I understand, some people who fish the Manitowoc Cnty lakes, which are reduced limit lakes, don’t read the regs and believe it to be 25.  

Thank goodness I’ve spent 50+ years plus on the water, studying, reading, and seeing how lakes change & their usage changes.  Place different regs if the ones in place aren’t working. 

I’ll say right now, I voted yes on all the walleye slots proposals. They make sense. Call me Grendahl. I’ve read plenty of ‘eye recovery programs from across the country that worked dang well. 

I was no opion on the north bass lakes regs proposals this year for the most part. I fished there when the size structure was jumbo perch size, 12”. That was the early ‘80’s. Kinda surmised that might come back after a bit when the 14” minimum was put in place. 

Trophy musky waters going 40 to 50. Dead horse. The 40 lakes carry 50’s. If they don’t, 50 will do nothing. 

Sorry trappers. I’m so out of touch with that. I didn’t know which of of your proposals were on the up. Not familiar with the systems that are already in place. Seemed to make sense except to put more restriction on you. If it’s self-imposed, I support it!

Deer is throwing too many things  out there with too many unexplained acronyms. Too many chefs over the camp griddle. Nothing about funding. Nothing about the acronyms. Too many heads of bull crap feeding bull crap.  

The rest of the land and water resource proposals at county, state, and national level sound all sexy and good...they were slick and slimy on the wording...they have too many agendas and unknowns there...and that is where the anti’s & profiteers are finding a way in. 

I understand this could open a train tunnel for a two way train wreck. 

No politics. Truth as it hit hit me, Observation & reporting.

Not the intent, Men. And the Women who Love us and rather try hard to understand what makes us tick when the fish don’t bite.

Keep your stick on the ice  


4/14/21 @ 2:40 PM
USER SINCE 6/15/01

Ditto, on the comment space allowed. I counted & I was well under 100 characters. And that was including word spacing.

I don’t recall a year when I answered no opinion so many times. Too many of the subjects and questions seemed too vague for me to go one way or the other. Seemed good on the surface but were just too fishy smelling for me. Like they were initiated by the anti outdoor sports crowd’s agenda. They are getting more involved in the Spring Hearings process. 

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