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wood duck houses

3/9/15 @ 5:40 PM
USER SINCE 1/25/11
Clean out or no? I have and have not. Seems like it does not matter to the ducks to me. Just looking for some opinions. Nice to see if they are being used or not and if the eggs hatched out or not.


2/25/21 @ 4:38 PM
USER SINCE 1/17/07

Actually, it's easier to put your "post" in the water when there's ice on the lake. You just drill your hole through the ice and then pound your ( I like to use maybe 1 inch galvanized pipe) support pole into the bottom. Your house can be secured using strap hangars and if you put it all over water you don't have to have a predator guard as we don't really have a problem with water snakes or anything. I've never had a problem with raccoons swimming out and climbing the pole. If you build your house right and size the hole like they tell you in your directions they won't be able to get in anyway. You can put the post in after ice out. It's not too late. Good for you for helping out the Woodies.


2/23/21 @ 4:31 PM
USER SINCE 9/13/11

Interested in installing 2-3 of my own this spring. When is it "too late" to put these up or should I have done that in fall? I want to put a post in the water, but obviously ice is the problem. Appreciate any advice for a newbie.

2/22/21 @ 3:54 PM
USER SINCE 1/17/07

You should definitely check your houses before iceout just to remove anything that might have gotten in over the winter. I clean mine out in August or September as many times some of the houses are used as "dump" nests. This means that maybe a couple or few hens have laid eggs in them with no intention of brooding them. I've taken over a dozen eggs (infertile) out of boxes in August. I've had Tree Swallows build over the top of the Woodies eggs and nest successfully. They'll often use a Woodie box after the Woodie chicks have left the box. You can put numerous boxes on a small pond but try to put them out of sight of each other. Incidentally, the reason some boxes become "dump" nests is actually a survival tactic. A dominant hen will try to brood all those eggs in one box even if she didn't lay them. Here is one of my boxes from last year where the hen laid a second brood and they hatched on July 4th. That would mean they probably weren't flying until about the beginning of September.


2/22/21 @ 8:37 AM
USER SINCE 10/4/06

I checked mine on Saturday and was 1/2.  The empty one was on a pole that had bent 45 degrees so that might have been the problem.  I bent it straight and filled it with new bedding.  Woodies are 50% of what we shoot, so I hope the boxes are successful this year.  Can you have too many boxes on a small pothole?

2/21/21 @ 9:00 PM
USER SINCE 11/12/05

About that time to check the houses.  Last year was 18 for 31.  Hoping for continued success even though wood duck numbers seemed down again last year.  Anyone else have numbers of current year success?

4/18/18 @ 3:48 PM
USER SINCE 11/12/05

Success down to 10 out of 32 with 2 others having large clusters of unhatched eggs (1 house had 24 eggs unhatched).  I ask the DNR about the continual smaller amount of houses getting used.  They stated wood ducks are now using natural cavities more.  You can't make this up.  They literally state that within a matter of a couple years wood ducks are back to preferring natural over man made.  Personally, at least in my area, I think wood duck numbers are way down.

2/24/18 @ 6:25 PM
USER SINCE 11/30/09

Put in fresh shavings in the boxes and ran into this guy. Once the ice is gone he won't be able to get past the predator guard.

9/22/17 @ 7:36 PM
USER SINCE 10/4/02

I clean mine out.  They're used annually but each year there is at least one egg that doesn't hatch and there is always egg shells and breast feathers.  Fun to make, helping the wildlife and always a guess to see if used or not.  Thanks for making them and maintaining them.  The ducks thank you too!

9/22/17 @ 3:37 AM

Checked out the house i built out at the farm. Had some feathers in it. Must mean the are using it. Couldn't quite see the bottom. When I put it up I was standings on ice. Now it's knee deep water. Need to build more.

4/6/17 @ 3:02 PM
USER SINCE 11/12/05

won't hurt anything.  But she gets in the hole just fine.

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