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Permission for field hunting help

8/9/16 @ 12:55 AM
User since 4/6/14

Any tip for asking permission nocking on doors is new to me mainly hunted public so far I'm in the Kaukauna / hollandtown area any tips appreciated 

8/10/16 @ 4:31 PM
User since 2/25/02

Over the years I would be told 'no' and 'yes' for the same place. Realized when I was told no I looked like some white trash piece of crap, when told yes I was dressed nicer from work or with my kids.

As a land owner plus goose hunting for many years, ask the owner questions. Make sure they are aware if its just you, couple kids or your bringing 10 of your buddies.

Also find out if you can drive in the fields to drop off/pick up gear, where to park, do they want any game, etc. I also routinely bring venison, goose brats or fish to the land owners I hunt a lot.

Pick up all the trash you see, I teach the kids to always clean up after the other slobs. Farmers get mad when their machinery gets shells stuck in them or animals eat stuff, etc.

Being polite and respectful of the owners will get you more than 'expecting' it all to be given to you. 

8/10/16 @ 7:25 AM
User since 9/27/01

If you are granted permission, ask if there are others who will be hunting there as well.  We once had permission to field hunt a very large farm in Manitowoc County.  There were two other groups besides us and they got into pissing matches on more than one occasion over spots.  Wasn't long before we were all told that the land was closed to hunting.

Work with the other groups before you're out in the dark setting up your spreads.  If the landowner has their contact information, I'd suggest asking for it and getting in touch with them.  Might even be a great opportunity to meet at a local watering hole with a map of the property so everyone knows where each other will be.  

8/9/16 @ 8:21 AM
User since 7/16/01

Shadrap - gander is right on.  I have been asking permission to hunt as long as I have been able to carry a gun.  Now it is tougher than ever to get access, and I live about 10 miles from your area.  Most people say no in the area.  I still put a smile on my face and thank them for thier time.  I have a young son and daughter that I am introducing them to the great outdoors.  I usually take them with and I was able to get access for my son on turkey hunting this past spring on some A+ land, but it was just for him and not me.  I was fine with that and dropped off a fresh pack of walleye.  You should have seen the land owner light up.  And my son's turkey hunt lasted all of 1 hour. 

8/9/16 @ 6:32 AM
Gander Dander
User since 4/15/09

Yep. Being a Land Owner myself, here's a few tips;

Don't pull in like you own the place. In other words drive in nicely. Make sure that you are not all dressed up in your hunting garb, but be dressed decently. Take your shades off when talking to people. Look them straight in the eye. Smile and be sincere. LISTEN to what the Land Owner has to say. If you get told no, be polite. If you shake hands, make it a good hand shake. Most importantly, talk like a "normal" person. Be respectful, because that person has neighbors and they will talk about what kind of person you are. Other than that, go ask. Worse you can hear is no you can't hunt here.

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