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Marinette County Duck Hunting

9/10/16 @ 10:08 PM
Rods of Fury
Rods of Fury
User since 3/15/12

Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the waterfowl scene and I'm looking for a little info about scouting/finding new bodies of water to hunt. I found a small shallow marshy lake in Marinette County that I'm pretty sure nobody hunts, but I'm not sure what the duck population is like up there, or if this body of water in particular attracts many birds. I stopped there today and blew the mallard call a little bit and I got a response from one duck, and there was also a few Sandhill cranes out there. Is that a good sign? Or what else should I look for in a body of water? Thanks for any info and good luck this season!

9/26/16 @ 12:23 PM
User since 10/14/14

Hunted some small beaver ponds that had plenty of ducks on labor day. Only got 3 wood ducks for 2 guys. Everything left Saturday morning never came back. Barely saw anything Sunday.

9/18/16 @ 11:22 AM
diver hunter 1987
User since 9/29/09

I've fished the Menominee River north of marinette  have seen a lot of wood ducks early sept.  But haven't been up there during the season   Biggest thing is scout like your going to hunt   If your walking in take an evening to walk into certain spots and see if you kick birds up if you have a boat or canoe take that and tool around   Early season check shallow "ducky" looking areas with ample cover creeks,backwaters, and marshes.  As the season progresses start leaning towards main lake or river points to get migrators.   Also late season pressured ducks will sometimes use the out of reach spots to get away from pressure.  There are a good number of duck hunters around there so I think you'll be surprised on opening day how many people are out.  It's your first year out there so just be observant every time out to where the shooting is or where the birds are and use it for next year and SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT you can never have to many spots.  And if a spot looks awesome from a main road you better get there really early the next day because you probably aren't the only one to have seen it.   And also when scouting look for permanent blinds a lot of people think they own them and that will save a argument in the morning

9/12/16 @ 8:07 PM
User since 12/31/11

Scouting is more than blowing a duck call.. you need to go to that lake during hours you would hunt and see if they are there.. you could also go there at none hunting times and look for duck sign like tracks or feathers.  Public hunting is a challenge it requires patience and getting up early.  It will be frustrating almost every time.  But ducks continually migrate so try to get their midweek ahead of fronts that push them down.  I hunt the bay in Green bay.. it's a war zone but I always manage ducks.  Good luck to u!??

9/12/16 @ 1:32 PM
User since 12/8/09

You got that right and if there is a decent amount of ducks you better get them that day because they will be blasted at and gone the next. 

9/11/16 @ 10:33 PM
Rods of Fury
Rods of Fury
User since 3/15/12

Ok, regardless of people hunting it, I'm looking more for tips on what kinds of waters attract ducks. I have no idea where to begin when scouting

9/11/16 @ 8:51 AM
User since 11/18/04

If it's public and there are any number of ducks on it,I guarantee someone hunts it.

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