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5/1/14 @ 4:53 PM
User since 5/19/05
Does having a varied species of decoys make a difference in attracting different types of diver ducks? We are new at this game and my 12 year old says we need to use more than our 80+ bluebill decoys in our spreads to attract different species. I contend our bluebill spread will also serve well to bring in other ducks. Help me settle this debate.

7/9/14 @ 7:41 AM
User since 1/19/02
gibs..PM if you can please, thanks.

7/8/14 @ 9:38 PM
User since 2/16/08
I have a MLB super mag that is in great shape that I would like to get rid of.

7/8/14 @ 9:04 AM
User since 1/19/02
any mightboy boats around yet? anyone hear anything on the core sounds or lake Bonneville boats at all? hard decision on which to go with, would really like a mightboys supermag!

thanks for any info

5/29/14 @ 4:14 PM
diver hunter 1987
User since 9/29/09
You have a great start with the bills I would add a dz or 2 g and h can decoys. They have great visability from a distance and in my experience cans will suck right into can decoys but May skirt edge of an all bill spread. Also I've killed more redheads over cans than over my redhead decoys. As far as buffies I kill plenty over the bill decoys so don't usually set mine out unless it's the last 2 weeks of the season and I'm only running a buffie golden eye spread. Golden eyes when you consistently get those things to decoy let me know. I put out 4dz nothing else won't even get a look I try mixing them in with buffies no looks. Go out mallard hunting and they suck right in. Next day same thing no looks. I've even tried only running 6 golden eyes and nothing else spread way out that worked 1 day and never again so??

5/27/14 @ 12:54 PM
Quack Shot
Quack Shot
User since 8/7/11
Hey guys, figured I'd use this thread rather than start a new one. Just bought a new tender boat and want to paint it sea camo. Anyone be able to tell me how to go about doing this?


5/18/14 @ 9:44 PM
User since 5/19/05
Looks like I may have lost another debate with my Duck fanatic son. Ouch. And it also looks like I lost another couple hundred bucks on more decoys. Double Ouch!!! Thanks for all the comments guys. I have a steep learning curve ahead, but your insight pushed me that hill quite a bit.

5/13/14 @ 9:35 PM
User since 9/25/02
For some birds yes. bufflehead will land right ontop ghg buff decoys everytime

5/7/14 @ 9:47 AM
User since 12/20/12
I just want to know if anyone has actually won in a "debate" with an 12 year old ?

5/5/14 @ 10:55 PM
User since 5/10/10
We build our diver spreads based on what's around. Generally when high numbers of birds are found we run a good number of blue bills with buffies mixed in. This typically pulls in golden eye, BB's, and Buffs with no issue. Where I diver hunt redheads don't decoy anyways so we don't target them with our spread.

As the season changes so does our inland spread. Later in the year we reduce it down to only a handful of BB's and Buffs with some Mallards and Geese to one side.

Our lake michigan spread is a bit different generally BBs and Buffs throughout the season. I simply vary the number of long lines I put out based on the quantity of birds in the area. This has for the last few years consistently pulled fish ducks, BBs, Eyes, and Buffs.

There's no single right answer; a great number of combinations of spreads, types of decoys, quantity, and placement can make or break your hunts. I feel strongly after this last season that less decoys is more harvested birds, but again, that applies to where I hunted...


5/4/14 @ 8:09 AM
In Pursuit
User since 1/30/14
Bluebill only will attract plenty of birds, but some should be over-sized. I run a half dozen geese upwind just for the visibility. I've chased a cripple a couple hundred yards off, turned around, and could only see the geese..

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