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GoldenHawk Canoes

2/23/14 @ 12:16 PM
grave yard
USER SINCE 12/8/09
Has anyone ever used one of these for duck hunting and wondering what you thought of it? Big Smile


6/18/14 @ 9:02 PM
grave yard
USER SINCE 12/8/09
Well boys I bought one of these GoldenHawk canoes. I wouldn't let anybody scare you away from them. I've been in it every weekend since I've got it and haven't found one thing I don't like about it!!!! LOVE IT. Big Smile

2/28/14 @ 12:02 PM
USER SINCE 11/9/04
Madforlabs is 100% correct, BUT.....

Guys on this forum are looking at them for duck hunting and other outdoor purposes.

-Most are not running 20 miles to a spot.

-Most will have some portaging involved where the metal keel, short length and light weight help.

-Most want something shorter than 15-17' for easier road travel

-Most are not using in large open water areas where the exaggerated keel will catch wind.

When you compare these canoes to traditional duck skiffs you will see their usefulness in regards to weight, steadiness, and paddling ability.

2/28/14 @ 11:05 AM
USER SINCE 12/20/12
With all due respect, the Golden Hawk is an absolute dog of a canoe, particularly if you have any desire to paddle one of these for any distance at all... If you like the way they paddle, it is only because you have not yet experienced paddling a "real" canoe. A couple points worth considering:

- The profile is horrible. The "stylish" upturned bow catches wind and makes them difficult to handle in a cross wind.

- The overdone keel catches on everything. You never want a keel on a composite construction canoe. they are only required for construction of an aluminum craft. A rocker style construction is far superior to a true keel as it "flows" over obstructions yet provides good tracking.

- The length to width ratio on these canoes is all wrong. While providing some additional stability, they are like paddling a bathtub as they "push" way too much water requiring greatly more effort.

- They are really heavy,relatively speaking. 65# for a 12'9" canoe compares very unfavorable to a 15-17 ft canoe which is a much more functional length and in a good quality product will typically weigh in at around 60-62#.

Options: Lots of them out there. Mad River offers some great sporting canoes and is where I would start. They can be pricey but there are used canoes out there if you can't foot the cost of a new one. Personally, I own a couple canoes but my go to remains a Mad River Explorer, Duck Hunters Special which I bought in 1982. It's been "ridden hard" but still functions perfectly. Good luck and do some more research before making a buying decision.

2/24/14 @ 10:29 AM
USER SINCE 7/15/05
My dad and I have two golden hawks and one knockoff replica. They are awesome. We have done some stupid stuff with them, and have not tipped one yet. They are light enough that I have tied a rope around my waist and dragged them 1/2 mile to distant waters. Our first one (still the best) actually flew off the top of the car during a windstorm going 55 on hwy 29 about 20 years ago. No repairs needed. The only drawback is the keel, which can catch on brush or rocks while going sideways down a river. Not exactly a whitewater canoe. They also carry an enormous load. I have paddled with myself, my wife, a dog and a full weekend's worth of camping gear in a 12 footer without worry of sinking it.

2/24/14 @ 8:24 AM
USER SINCE 11/19/13
I haven't yet, but based on all the reviews I've read my tax return is going towards one. Can't wait to use it next season.

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