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Canadian Waterfowl outfitter

10/13/14 @ 4:13 PM
User since 6/4/06
Looking to line up something for a future hunt down the road . Anyone have any experience with using a waterfowl outfitter in Manitoba, Saskatchewan , or Alberta ? Looking to book out to 2016 so I can start saving. Kind of a bucket list thing . Thanx,

10/15/14 @ 3:47 PM
User since 8/10/12
I also would have to agreed and find a group to pair up with. But if you can't do that I wouldn't be afraid to go with almost any well known guide service. Birds are plentiful and not hard to scout for a guide that knows the area. If you want actual greenheads and pintails wait until october. To determine the area you need to make a decision on geese (dark, white, specks) which is going to determine Alberta (darks and specks), Saskatchewan (snows later and darks early), Manitoba (darks).

10/15/14 @ 6:34 AM
User since 6/4/06
Thanx for the info Migr8tr , Just looking for a one time thing , you are right about costs . I am retired and able to do this once before I get too old to do it, or too broke . As I mentioned , it's a bucket list thing . Just checked the bull moose with a bow off the list three weeks ago . That was a DYI thing in Ontario . Just looking for names of possible outfitters that could be recommended .

10/15/14 @ 5:43 AM
User since 2/8/11
First off- Why Canada? Yes there are a lot of birds and relatively easy hunting. It's also far and expensive to be in Canada. What are you looking to shoot? Canadas? Snows? Ducks?

Manitoba is best for canadas, there are plenty of ducks and some snows to the west of Winnipeg. Saskatchewan is heavy with snows and ducks plus cranes. Alberta has a lot of all geese, ducks and cranes.

Are you looking for a one-time trip to just shoot or making it an annual trip? If you're looking to make it an annual trip, I'd suggest finding someone that already goes and try to get in on it with them. It would be cheaper and more beneficial on the learning curve. Just going and winging it on your own isn't difficult either but for your first trip, I'd concentrate on learning an area and getting to know where major roosts are moreso than actual hunting. A guide would shorten that learning curve some but generally I found that outfitters are concentrated in areas and returning to that area on your own to hunt won't be terribly easy to do. You'll still likely end up needing to find your own area.

If you're just going to have a good one-time trip, a guide is a great idea but I personally don't know any to recommend.

Want a good, if not better, trip in the US, where the birds are just as plentiful and better plumed for mounting purposes? Head southwest of WI about 7-800 miles in Dec or Jan. Limits in some states are the same as Canada and it's way cheaper to hunt in the US than Canada. I hunted Canada for many years but I'm not likely to ever go back to hunt.

10/14/14 @ 9:30 PM
User since 1/23/08
see post from 1up on 10/12 on 2014 Waterfowl Reports and Photos. Maybe you can message him and he will have some ideas.

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