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Beaver tail stealth 2000???

7/19/15 @ 7:21 PM
User since 8/22/10
Was wondering if anybody hunts out of a stealth 2000....I'm getting one in a couple weeks and wanted to know how you guys like or dis like about the stealth 2000

7/23/15 @ 7:29 PM
User since 1/22/02
i hunted out of one several years ago, but did not enjoy they way it tracked while paddling alone. 2 guys could track straight if you both paddled in unison. a kayak type paddle would work better maybe. It was seriously stable, but I prefer a canoe or skiff pulled up on top of cattails, which is pretty good too.

7/20/15 @ 6:11 PM
Gander Dander
User since 4/15/09
Just a quick note on that push-pole. Because wood likes to break easy and finding solid closet pole etc is almost impossible and expensive, I switched over to 1in emt conduit. Bolt the head on with non-slip 1/4 20 nuts and stainless bolts and you are good to go. If you bend or break that, you are stuck in some serious [email protected]# ! Just an FYI. And yes, easy to camo up!You can seal the ends with some Dap\Great Stuff or silicone to keep water out of the conduit. Real easy to make! Big Smile

7/20/15 @ 8:09 AM
1fowl one
1fowl one
User since 12/9/10
I have been running a 1200 for about five years (pretty much the same as the 2000, other than front storage area). Great boat. I use it in all sorts of scenarios, jump shooting, layout, haul gear behind the big boat, skipping across ice to a open hole, drag it behind a atv to haul gear and as a layout in a wet field. Love it, will buy another one day I'm sure. Couple pointers, as mentioned it is heavy, design build a small trailer for it (much easier to get around, load/unload by yourself, than into a bed of a truck), get a longer paddle than the norm, and it's actually easier to get around with a push pole (build a pushpole, hit Home Depot, pick up a 1 1/4" slightly "pre bent" wood hand rail and order a push bill. mount a half round mop holder on each end of the boat and snap your custom "pre bent" pole on to the curve of the boat and it's out of the way, ready to use). And ask when you pick it up, "what material,/epoxy,/patch kit does BT recommend to make repairs on it?" I have emailed BT that question, bout a month ago no response yet. I put a pic of mine on the "show us your duck boat topic" 7-15-14... I can't believe the season is just around the corner.

7/20/15 @ 6:55 AM
User since 1/24/02
I have one and do hunt out of it some of the time. Heavy, but sturdy as hell. You can't really tip it over if you tried. I just depends on where / what type of water you are hunting as to how it will perform for you. I got the motor mount and camo cover for it as well. Nice boat.

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