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Be aware of shady snow goose guide

3/12/15 @ 6:42 PM
User since 9/7/12
All just thought that we would share our recent (two weeks ago - through last Tues) experience, too bad because not all guides are bad but it only takes a few -- This is the mail that I had to send my crew just now.

I just want to say that I am truly sorry about the Snow Goose hunt that we did not have. The bad weather is something out of our control but the Guild Service - Eaglehead Outdoors owned by Matt and Nick completely burned us.

If you recall we were scheduled for a 3 day hunt that I initially locked up 6 spots and put a deposit of 3 hunters ($500 per guy for 3 days = $1,500). This was scheduled with Nick as our guide.

So our schedule date came and so did the "Winter Vortex" snow - frigid cold. in Mound City. I called Nick the prior week to confirm every thing a go. He stated that he was in AR due to the weather and that the birds were pushed down there. I asked were to we meet him and he stated that we would be with Matt in NE. Mound City was locked up and no birds. Hmm why did we get bumped out of AR and a different guide - no reply???

I contacted Matt - They attempted to upsell NE (Lovewell Reservoir - northern KS) no ice, lots of birds 750K. I called Lovewell and they were south of 200k birds and 70 frozen. Regardless you know we all had to cancel due to the snow in Co. forecasted -8 Friday in NE....

I contacted Matt and he was so upset and told me just to tell the guys to drive. Right.....

Anyway this is when if got interesting. I asked how we could re-schedule and Matt gave me two alternative weekends in March and Easter Weekend. None of us could make that.

Attempt #1 - Our MI gang attempted to grab mid week dates that were posted on facebook but Nick would not return calls.

Attempt #2 - I finally got Matt and told him that the dates would not work. Wanted to see if he would carry over the deposit for a hunt in 2016 - he declined and said he would keep the full Deposit.

Attempt #3 - My son and 3 buddies are in MO (about 2 hours from Mound City) I called Matt to see if they could take some vacant hunt spots (because they posted open spots on their facebook site - for 150 per day).

Matt said yes - I called the guy- got them all excited.

Matt said these would be 200 per guy per day = $1,600. Im thinking great that is just shy of the deposit.

Matt said that they would have to pay the $800 difference when they got there. I bit my tongue and said how do you figure that. He text me his reply - I need to write this as he stated it...

Matts text message " You loose your deposit for two guys. You originally booked for 6 hunters deposit. Only 4 are coming. So the 4 guys still have to pay second half - it does not all roll into one total amount or we would never make money." Are the 4 guys coming? If not I can fill the spots ASAP I have guys."

That means for a two day hunt for 4 guys it would cost them $2,300 dollars

We declined and parted ways

Eaglehead Outdoors is the worst outfitter I have ever dealt with - Please share this with everyone so they don't get burned as well.

3/26/15 @ 7:40 AM
MEMBER since 7/21/01
FF, sorry to hear of your bad experience. I have hunted with Neu several times and have had really good experiences. I have never had a 100 bird day, but have had some great hunts with some great guides. I know 2 of his guides are from WI, and they are both great guys, as a matter of fact, one of them has been the WI state goose calling champ a few times and is a die hard hunter and fantastic guide.

3/25/15 @ 8:14 AM
User since 6/6/07
I went on a hunt like this years ago and just hated it . First off our group got stuck hunting with guys we didn't know that brought a bottle to sip from all day. Our accommodations was a two bedroom one bathroom house for six guys. The worse part about it was that hardly a bird decoyed and if a bird came within a hundred yards the guide would tell the guys to shoot and then open up.I did see some geese fall from distances that I thought were untouchable. I went down there with two cases of shells for a three day hunt as our guide recommended and fired eight shots the first day. At the end of the day they would clean the birds and i was amazed that there was one group there that had thirty some birds and out of that group of five guys no one wanted the geese and they ended up giving them away to one of my buddies. I was glad I made it home from that hunt safe and I can at least say I experienced it.

3/24/15 @ 11:34 AM
User since 8/10/12
Neu Outdoors. They got recommendations from everyone that I know has done the Spring shoot. Maybe just over booking had adverse reactions.

3/18/15 @ 4:23 PM
User since 5/10/10
Fowl, I would also like to know who this is. I'm set up with FirstFlightFinishers tomorrow am... Just one day, we're redneck roading it after that.

3/17/15 @ 3:25 PM
User since 5/8/03
fowlfever who did you hunt with?

3/16/15 @ 5:10 PM
User since 8/10/12
After my Spring snow goose hunt this year I've realized that this bad costumer service is just normal for all of them. 7 guys in our party went on down to South Dakota with a reputable guide service and were not impressed with any of it. Before we even left they lost two deposit checks. First morning out we found out that due to days being cancelled in Missouri they double booked hunts and we got out to the field late because they need to call in extra guides. Guides for snow goose hunts are unemployed 20 year olds that sleep 8 out of the 12 hours your out there and the other 4 he take off into town for lunch. After the first day we drove around and found 4 other fields with the same guide service in the a 1 mile radius so we were all competing for the same flocks in the same flight line. Instead of finding new flight lines or birds for the Missouri guys they just put out spreads next to each other. Second day had 2,000 geese land 0.5 mile away in a field that lead to 15,000 birds after 3 hours and the guide refused to let us scare them up, move, or do anything besides sit there so they won that battle for the day. At day 3 we hunted till noon with the guide then just left and free lanced and finally got decent numbers. Next year we are keeping the $3,800 and buying more snow socks and freelancing it since we have the trailers, blinds and 400 silos already. Thought if we went with a guide service they would put us on birds or at least help us kill more birds.

3/14/15 @ 10:40 AM
User since 12/19/02
I would bombard their FB site and post your comments to let everyone else know about their tactics.

3/13/15 @ 9:03 AM
User since 5/8/03
Did you get your deposit back?

3/12/15 @ 8:06 PM
User since 3/25/10
So you are saying, that you put down a $1500 deposit for one state and because of the weather, they moved to another state and because you could not meet "their" open days in a different state they kept your deposit? I think that for a couple hundred bucks, you could find a lawyer that could draft a letter to the DNR in those states and expose what kind of "guides" they are allowing to operate in their states. Maybe get your deposit back.

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