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2022 Waterfowl Reports

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8/29/22 @ 8:15 PM
User since 8/23/17

Hope everyone has a great season! Please keep yourself safe and always be courteous to the other Hunters.

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11/30/22 @ 6:57 AM
User since 2/7/06

One goose yesterday.  If someone would have made sure the Mojo's were charged up I would have had a few mallards.  They were just a bit out of range......

11/26/22 @ 12:15 PM
User since 7/3/01

The Morning Report.
Duck season is not year round.   Unless you are a coon or an eagle.
Mindful of this, I made my way to the duckblind under the cover of stars.
The snow has melted and the old oak leaves are rather crunchy.   At 38 degrees, it is rather warm and perfect for hunting ducks.

The mallards landed just out of gun range and settled in for a new day snack.   They are as vocal and active as a room full of teens at a pizza party.

A second flock circled several times but did not land.   Soon, I suspected, ducks would come into range.

The second flock landed downstream and then the shooting began.   6 shots rang out, but not from my Remington.   It was from someone else.

All the ducks scattered and soon humans could be heard walking downstream to my location.   They began to set up duck decoys and I instructed them to setup somewhere else.

They had no idea I was there.  They apologized and loudly relocated upstream.
No other ducks were seen, so I kept my promise to be home for breakfast by 8am.
Hopefully, the mallards and I will reconnect tomorrow.

11/25/22 @ 9:54 PM
User since 7/17/09

Ducks are pretty thick along the Mississippi pool 7 corridor. We watched thousands this evening moving north and south. Looked like a stirred up hornets nest. The grand finale push is underway. 

11/25/22 @ 7:31 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 10/23/20

Just getting my gear out. All the mosquitos are finally gone.  Time to get after it I recon

11/22/22 @ 7:42 PM
User since 1/19/02

Thats a wrap!!  Ended the northern zone on a deep central WI  lake that we scouted last 2 days it was holding alot of geese a good number of mallards and lots! of divers mostly mergansers though, cold icey morning that gave us 3 mallards and 4 merganser, had some large flocks work but most would swing in and boogie out, still a fun day in the blind with good friends. Onto the final days back home to the south, hope some more birds show up and some of this ice thaws, still cant fully feel my toes yet. 

Goodhuntin all!

11/22/22 @ 6:35 PM
User since 7/3/01

With Castle Rock Lake beginning to freeze, the geese are more active.   But they were all out of reach today.

The mallards were much more cooperative this morning.

Waterfowl hunting is a blast.

11/21/22 @ 7:10 AM
User since 2/7/06

First time out for goose yesterday.  I took two shots and dropped one goose.  Had a bunch land in the decoys, but was back at the truck getting coffee.  Did have a snow buzz me twice, but it was just out of range both times.  Never saw a duck.  Lake County IL.

11/18/22 @ 11:06 AM
whispering eye
User since 12/31/18

I hunt between the wisconsin river and the Mississippi River. Has anyone seen any birds or have any info on activty?

11/17/22 @ 7:41 AM
User since 1/19/02

Good work fellas,  well got out last evening for a couple hours and surprisingly never fired the gun, kicked out aprox 60-65 geese out of the field and 5 mallard out of the pond going in, set up and had a few smaller flocks pass over but they were on a mission. Did have those same mallards loop around right before close but never finished. Saw some larger strings of geese ways out and did see a nice wad of ducks far out my guess was divers up higher but nothing close. Still better than workin until 4.

Headin north tonight to deer camp, I've always hunted Fri AM on my home lake but I think that will be iced up, we'll see. 

Goodhuntin all! and be safe out there with the cold and ice things can turn south quick in the duck marsh! Also to each their own I guess but with single digits to teens and even 20's keep an eye on the dogs! even the hardiest of labs get cold and any responsible hunter and dog handler should do a quick search on k9 hypothermia it may surprise you. The shaking and wimpering dog is'nt always excited they are freezing! If you are cold your dog is cold even with a vest. Be smart

11/17/22 @ 5:05 AM
Bird Watcher
User since 8/29/17

Late season is always the best.  Smart birds make the hunts a little more challenging. 

11/16/22 @ 6:05 PM
User since 12/16/10


I was out on big muddy yesterday afternoon and this morning.   Yesterday Some widgeon, green wing and believe or not a couple wood ducks.  Mallards were stale 

this morning was calm cold and very quiet.   Only a few shots on the big water by the diver hunters.    Need more wind.  

We took a ride to see the refuge.   Good amount of divers loafing 

Picture is of my Aza dog.   The waiting is the hardest part.  This is about as cold as I care to run my Griffs in water.   It’s Chessie or lab temp from now until close 

11/15/22 @ 3:10 PM
User since 1/19/02

Gatta be some birds dying today, anybody out??  I'm goin to try and get out tomorrow afternoon. 

11/14/22 @ 12:02 PM
User since 1/19/02

SE WI: Sat-Sun AM hunts

With reports of the grand passage and terrible conditions to the north and out west, hopes were high for Saturday morning until 9ish with only a brace of geese in the bag and seeing 4-5 ducks most of the morning. Fairly slow atleast in my area geese were around but it was a very short window for the flight. Yesterday AM a bit better numbers wise for birds seen did manage a goose and 3 mallard and we woofed on 3 other mallards later in the AM. Ducks that we did see dumped right in which was cool, but overall not what I was expecting for a final hunt probably, pond frozen this morning and my guess is most smaller bodies of water will lock up this week too. Time to find some active fields and or moving water. Goodhuntin all!  

11/12/22 @ 10:32 PM
User since 2/6/09

Was out this a.m. in Sawyer county. Managed a limit of mallard. Ponds starting to freeze up. Birds starting to flock up.

11/12/22 @ 6:49 PM
User since 10/22/08

Nice sprigs.   Haven"t got one yet.

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