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2021 Waterfowl Reports

1/6/21 @ 6:59 AM
Gander Dander
USER SINCE 4/15/09

Another new year! Lets hope it's better than 2020! Post your reports, hunting trips for, hopefully, a successful Season. Stay Safe, Shoot Straight!   


1/21/22 @ 9:52 AM
USER SINCE 5/28/21

Obviously not a report, but can a waterfowler or two near Baraboo tell me what kind of zoo Fairfield Marsh turns into during the season? Is it shot to hell and back like most of the other WPAs in the Madison Metro warzone?

How about some folks down by Albany wildlife area (south of Madison)? From google earth, I can see a couple duck blinds in the tributaries dumping into Albany Lake. With the on-going drought, I would think that most of those tributaries are wadable now. How heavily is that hunted during the season?

Just trying to find some peace and quiet!   If anyone is willing to share a less-traveled walk-in area or two (no boat) near Madison, feel free to send me a PM. I just started waterfowling last year so I haven't done a lot of exploring beyond the more popular places around here.

Thanks all! Stay warm.

1/8/22 @ 12:55 PM
USER SINCE 12/9/08

I'll let Gander Dander start the 2022 Waterfowl Report thread (tradition), so I will post today's pics in the 2021 thread.

Daughter and I were on the "X" today.  We saw several banded birds including one mallard hen that had a satellite tracker on her back.  That is the first time I've ever seen one.  Also took a pic of a beautiful drake black duck.  Picture doesn't do it justice.

12/30/21 @ 5:59 PM
USER SINCE 12/2/07

next time have 4 to 5 hundred geese on lake in washington city. they go out in the am and again at around 330 pm. there is no place to hunt on lake but must be going some where to feed. they always fly to the south. good luck!!

12/30/21 @ 8:05 AM
next time
USER SINCE 1/12/06

With the change in weather this week - any updates on goose activity south near Palmyra or other ?  Scouted central (Horicon to Theresa) on Tuesday - zero birds.

12/22/21 @ 9:01 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

anyone goin to try for geese this weekend?

12/10/21 @ 11:44 AM
USER SINCE 10/22/08

Tons of geese in the central Wisconsin area right now. They're hitting the cut corn fields.

12/6/21 @ 10:48 PM
Tr carper
Tr carper
USER SINCE 6/15/15

Another season in the books. It sure was a tough weird season. One of my worst if not the worst season I've ever had in my 26 years of duck hunting. For me it wasn't a shortage of birds for the most part in spots I hunt. For me this year I was over ran by skybusters and some of the most unethical hunters I've ever seen. Even on the last day one of them comes and sets up 300 yards behind me. I sat the full last day coming up one short of the limit with 2 mallards, 2 black ducks, and gadwall. Should have had the last bird missed 2 early some how. So I made a change in choke tubes the crushed the last 5 birds that came in. One of my favorite hunts of the year for me I only got 3 mallards but I got a fox. That worked the river bank right me. Already can't wait tel next season.

12/6/21 @ 7:16 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Hunted saturday and sunday AM's great weather a bit windy but ducky, fired one shot sat am, nada yesterday, seen 5 mallards and some geese but overall very slow, had atleast one good report from my area guys smoked a pile of mallard and geese.

Sad end to the season, and I cant wait until september!

goodhuntin all! 

12/4/21 @ 9:16 AM
USER SINCE 7/17/09

Good deal DM,  good idea come over in the warmer months. Get acquainted of the area for the fall hunt.  Might see less pressure on the pools south or north of Lacrosse.

Only 6 rigs at the local launch this morning off Pool 7. Slow wrapup of the season. Just never seen a strong push of migration birds last couple seasons. Even the swan push is not overly spectacular.

12/3/21 @ 6:15 PM
USER SINCE 8/23/17

Thank you Fowler2

Thank you so much for your help and suggestions. I'm definitely going to take your advice and hit up the Mississippi next fall. I think I will take a week of vacation and go up there and learn the river. Thanks again for your help an insight.

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