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2021 Waterfowl Reports

1/6/21 @ 6:59 AM
Gander Dander
USER SINCE 4/15/09

Another new year! Lets hope it's better than 2020! Post your reports, hunting trips for, hopefully, a successful Season. Stay Safe, Shoot Straight!   


11/26/21 @ 7:58 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Dejavu' again this year always seem the same, this time of season during gun deer everything locks up and then its over up north and the one or 2 remaining open pockets of water or river are loaded with geese and mallard, i did get out on the 19th for my last northern hunt Daisy and I busted sheet ice to get to our spot that the geese kept open, mid morning had to re open hole with motor to break up ice, I had one goldeneye dump in and I dropped it Daisy busted ice and made one of the best retrieves of the season, it was 20 out so i left shortly after that even with vest little girl was very cold. Back home now and most of my smaller ponds are iced over as well, its going to be an intresting end to southern zone, id like to get out 3 more times that would make 30 hunts for me this season.

goodhuntin all and be safe in the cold.

11/24/21 @ 9:41 AM

Slept in Monday morning knowing the cold weather would keep the birds grounded. Went out to the river at 10ish only to find it all locked up. Went to the springs nearby and they were to locked up with ice. Scouted most of the day and only found geese where one cannot hunt. Yesterday nothing really thawed out much. Found some mallards in the springs but tough to hunt with out others hunting. Started putting gear away as well in shed. Will still try a few more goose hunts if they start using a few huntable spots. 

11/23/21 @ 6:59 PM
USER SINCE 12/9/08

A ton of water systems froze up with the low temps the past 2 nights, including a couple of larger ones.  I scouted today and saw some mallards, 1 drake bluebill, and a pile of geese in areas I could not access.  Last night I started putting away a bunch of my gear; pintail dekes, redheads, cans, bluebills, and some mallards.  I am going to keep a handful of mallards and a couple of strings of black/white ducks available for the remainder of the season.  I may take another road trip to Iowa as my son continues to have a ton of action.

Hundreds of geese were passing over my yard this afternoon heading out to feed.  Many of them were well within range.  Good thing they don't allow waterfowl hunting from subdivisions as a 12 lb falling feathered projectile striking a house roof would not be a good thing.

11/21/21 @ 8:22 PM

No luck

See your from eau Claire area. How are you done for the year when I am still chasing green heads in the Hayward area. Managed 2 and missed a third this a.m. Wind and snow today, ducky day. Going out again tomorrow for the final couple days.

11/20/21 @ 5:36 PM

Hunted this a.m. on my favorite 3000 acre flowage. Not much workinng. Saw 5 mallards and few buffies. Ice has been forming on ponds and back bays. Did manage to kick up a crippled mallard on the cattail land I hunted. Was the only shot fired. Hunted till 10:00. Scouted the river and found the local mallards all grouped up.

In the evening I dat down by the farms by big LCO. Watched 1000's of geese and hundreds of mallards work the cut corn fields. Plenty of birds just have no field permission. 

Back at it tomorrow!??

11/18/21 @ 3:10 PM
USER SINCE 12/14/12

West central WI, Tundra Swans moving last two days, Sandhill Cranes flocking up yesterday and gone today.  Hunted this AM local lake, few flocks of Divers moving around, two mallards seen, all decoy shy, one flock of 20 or so Buffalo head, managed one Goldeneye at the end.  Cold windy day.. Season over for me.  Good Luck!!

11/18/21 @ 7:23 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Not happy, heading up to waupaca tonight for the week, id say things done north by weekend IMO, want to try in AM but Im thinking ice will be a issue. big deeper lakes may hold some birds yet but launching is always the problem with the ice.

goodhuntin all and be safe out there.

11/17/21 @ 7:15 PM
USER SINCE 11/17/21

If there is anyone that hunts around the petenwell area could you please message me I have a question or two, thank you

11/17/21 @ 5:03 PM
USER SINCE 7/17/09

I second the swan movement. Been watching flights all evening coming down the flyaway highway.

Deep cold must be knocking on the door soon. 

11/17/21 @ 3:57 PM
USER SINCE 10/22/08

Swans moving by the thousands over Central wisconsin. Started at 5:00 a.m. and continued throughout the day

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