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2021 Waterfowl Reports

1/6/21 @ 6:59 AM
Gander Dander
USER SINCE 4/15/09

Another new year! Lets hope it's better than 2020! Post your reports, hunting trips for, hopefully, a successful Season. Stay Safe, Shoot Straight!   


12/3/21 @ 6:15 PM
USER SINCE 8/23/17

Thank you Fowler2

Thank you so much for your help and suggestions. I'm definitely going to take your advice and hit up the Mississippi next fall. I think I will take a week of vacation and go up there and learn the river. Thanks again for your help an insight.

12/3/21 @ 2:23 PM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Ran along the river  near home last night and many geese and some ducks in it and in the park within city limits did see several large flocks heading outside the city to feed near dusk, ,my private pond re opened so we are going to hit that up in the AM hoping to intercept some birds utilizing the area, we will see albeit i believe it will be a less than stellar end to a slow season. 

goodhuntin all! and get up off the couch or xmas lights ladder and get after um boys!!!

12/2/21 @ 6:57 PM
USER SINCE 6/20/13

Big flock of Canvasbacks on Big Silver Lake at Wautoma along with geese and some mallards. No place to hunt on that lake but nice to see. Was 50 here today and the big wind did away with any ice that was here.

12/2/21 @ 4:48 PM
USER SINCE 11/12/05

It amazes me that most hunters say they do not consistently see birds but no one wants to push for more refuges.  If you want to see more birds then they have to have a spot to rest otherwise they go right through.  It can be frustrating watching refuge birds but I would rather watch refuge birds than no birds at all.  And besides, eventually they tend to make their mistakes with good weather.

12/2/21 @ 3:28 PM
USER SINCE 7/17/09


I understand your frustration.  i lived in SE Wi until 2017. 

I currently live in the pool 7 backwaters. I recommend coming over and experiencing the flyway highway. Can't go wrong coming over any time in October.  Local birds good and incoming migrators. Late season can be spotty. Weekdays preferred as the backwaters can get busy. 

12/2/21 @ 1:20 PM
USER SINCE 8/23/17

Went out scouting this morning for 3 hours. I'm in southeastern Wisconsin. Went through a number of lakes that I hunt and some private Pockets that I hunt a lot of water open but no ducks or geese. Always seemed so very inconsistent here we never hold any birds. Wonder if it would be better to go take 2 weeks off and just go hunt the Mississippi any of you guys have experience with that I've never hunted the Mississippi does it hold more birds consistently. In southeastern Wisconsin you spend all this time and money and Scout and hunt for 6 hours and you might get one flock of 4 gadwalls to come in and if you screw that up you're done that's all the chances you will get for that day. Would it be better to takes two weeks and just go hunt the Mississippi for 2 weeks straight any thoughts would be appreciated.

11/30/21 @ 7:09 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Seeing some mallard and geese in moving water in SE WI, hope they stick around for the final weekend.


11/26/21 @ 7:58 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Dejavu' again this year always seem the same, this time of season during gun deer everything locks up and then its over up north and the one or 2 remaining open pockets of water or river are loaded with geese and mallard, i did get out on the 19th for my last northern hunt Daisy and I busted sheet ice to get to our spot that the geese kept open, mid morning had to re open hole with motor to break up ice, I had one goldeneye dump in and I dropped it Daisy busted ice and made one of the best retrieves of the season, it was 20 out so i left shortly after that even with vest little girl was very cold. Back home now and most of my smaller ponds are iced over as well, its going to be an intresting end to southern zone, id like to get out 3 more times that would make 30 hunts for me this season.

goodhuntin all and be safe in the cold.

11/24/21 @ 9:41 AM

Slept in Monday morning knowing the cold weather would keep the birds grounded. Went out to the river at 10ish only to find it all locked up. Went to the springs nearby and they were to locked up with ice. Scouted most of the day and only found geese where one cannot hunt. Yesterday nothing really thawed out much. Found some mallards in the springs but tough to hunt with out others hunting. Started putting gear away as well in shed. Will still try a few more goose hunts if they start using a few huntable spots. 

11/23/21 @ 6:59 PM
USER SINCE 12/9/08

A ton of water systems froze up with the low temps the past 2 nights, including a couple of larger ones.  I scouted today and saw some mallards, 1 drake bluebill, and a pile of geese in areas I could not access.  Last night I started putting away a bunch of my gear; pintail dekes, redheads, cans, bluebills, and some mallards.  I am going to keep a handful of mallards and a couple of strings of black/white ducks available for the remainder of the season.  I may take another road trip to Iowa as my son continues to have a ton of action.

Hundreds of geese were passing over my yard this afternoon heading out to feed.  Many of them were well within range.  Good thing they don't allow waterfowl hunting from subdivisions as a 12 lb falling feathered projectile striking a house roof would not be a good thing.

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