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2020 Waterfowl Reports

1/2/20 @ 7:55 AM
Gander Dander
User since 4/15/09

Another New Year. Place your reports, Pics and comments here for the new Season. Stay Safe and have fun!   

TODAY @ 2:09 PM
User since 12/20/12

SM, should you ever want to trade a day of layout boat hunting for a day of private land marsh hunting,  let me know. Have always wanted to try a layout hunt...

10/28/20 @ 9:42 AM
User since 10/23/20

did the dnr appease the guys wanting open water hunting a few years back by saying (ok here is a handful of the deepest lakes in the state, good luck! hahaaa) I don't get it. 

10/27/20 @ 6:44 PM
User since 12/9/08

I will never get tired of this view of the world....

10/27/20 @ 4:51 AM
User since 2/7/06

If someone could shoot better....I would have shot my three geese.  Only got one today.   Fair amount of birds but not in my field.  Saw ducks but no duck decoys.   I’ll be bringing the mojos this weekend.   Had a nice snow going but birds wouldn’t work. Beat going to work!!

10/26/20 @ 8:02 AM
User since 12/8/08

Hunted the last few weekends with some buddies. We hunt property in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Last two weekends have been insane wit. Ducks in the thousands and geese near a thousand. Cranes by far took the cake! Lol new property’s and different crops ended up with some trial and errors like every year lol. of course Monday and snow and wind, dieing to be out there right now! First push is definitely here. Nice posts Grizwald as usual. Appreciate it as my cabin is up your way!?? yes that’s an eight point buck just past them decoys! ?? rut is damn near up there! Thanks, empty shells!

10/25/20 @ 6:26 PM
User since 11/29/19

Tree stand how can you not work on training for a couple months.  Is it  a covid thing

10/25/20 @ 4:55 PM
User since 1/19/02

waupaca co.

sat am:

hunted the field of dreams in anticipation of a goose slaughter but the woodys showed back up probably for the last time this year, good shootin had us done with woodys in about 45 min with 12, soon after we pulled mojos and had 2 bull snow geese work the decoys my first time really working them in WI they do the F around game worse than mallards so after about the 10th loop I signaled to my sharp shooters down the corn row from me ta kill um, expecting atleast one of the crack shots to drop one  but no dice, that sucked! still neat to see them here up close. after that geese were in bigger wads and wanted nothing to do with our spread ended up with 4 geese though still awesome morning.

 Today hunted moving water and ended up with 4. 2 woodys, mallard and gwt  fun gentleman's hunt with 2 good buddys whom i dont normally get to hunt with often fun morning and aside form some chattering teeth dog did good too. 

not to much for migration that i saw by me but they will come!

goodhuntin all!

10/25/20 @ 3:04 PM
User since 2/6/09

Hunted from 6 till 2 today. Started out good with working but landing up shore from me. Moved the set up a bit. That seemed to work better. Managed two green wing teal, mallard, and a widgeon. Missed plenty of chances to shoot letting them work in for better shots. Seen many species today. Hopefully this is just the start of some great migration!

10/25/20 @ 2:36 PM
Tree stand whacker
Tree stand whacker
User since 1/4/13

Yesterday was a great hunt. We saw tons of birds, and had a pretty successful hunt. It was great to get my dad out for his first time ever, and watch my dog work. I was happy with how good she did given the fact we have not been able to work on training for the last couple months. 

10/25/20 @ 9:39 AM
User since 12/8/19

Nothing flying this morning compared to yesterday waukesha county private 

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