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2019 Waterfowl Reports

1/3/19 @ 6:39 AM
Gander Dander
User since 4/15/09

Another year, and time to Post your Reports and stories for another great year of Hunting!

11/18/19 @ 9:11 AM
User since 11/7/11

Dodge Cty - Two more evening hunts. Lots of Mallards still around. Shoulda coulda limited on Saturday even with passing on 3 different hens in the decoys. Sunday was tougher, fewer birds flying in the sleet but 2 of us still managed a few mallards, a buffie, and even a BWT. May be the season for me, never much interested in mixing it up with the deer hunters. 

11/16/19 @ 3:50 PM
User since 7/9/01

Last Saturday a 3 man limit today 20 yds of ice to fight threw 10 today west shore Green Bay Shot my first ever drake canvasback today

11/15/19 @ 8:54 AM
User since 1/19/02

hunted the big lake yesterday only could get one string out so hopes were not high at all, ended up with a sawbill, coulda shoulda woulda had a few more if I could've gotten all 4 doz out. o well.

goodhuntin all!

11/15/19 @ 8:31 AM
User since 3/22/05

If you build it........they will come! Ice eaters in and water is flowin! Ducks droppin like flies. Hope everyone’s having luck! Goodluck and be safe! 

11/13/19 @ 3:25 PM
User since 7/3/01

Duck hunting is so much fun.  No, I do not hit every bird.  Still working on the visual range of how away too far is.

Duck hunting the backwaters of the Wisconsin River, Adams County,  is where I go.

When I came home, I found an eagle doing a little duck hunting of his own over the stream in our backyard.

Lots of mallards coming south today.  Hunting in the snow is a blast.

11/11/19 @ 11:49 PM
Tr carper
Tr carper
User since 6/15/15

With it being a grind this year for me. I decided to change thing up Sunday morning and hunt a river that I haven't hunted since 2004. It payed off I was able to get 2 mallards and a wood duck. Passed on some shots thinking they would make one circle but didn't lol. Had 3 blue bills decoy I gave them a free pass because I had alot of mallards working the river. It was a great hunt brought back so many memories since that's where my duck hunting obsession started. Wish I would have hit the x but without hunting so long it was the first time i got to see the changes in that section of the river and the only way to scout is by boat. Hopefully I can get the right wind a couple more times this season to give it another there.

11/11/19 @ 10:15 AM
User since 1/19/02

wauapaca co:

most  lakes socked in, hunted some moving water sat pm and sunday am, results was 1 greenhead, seen some ducks and geese but nothing to write home about.

11/11/19 @ 9:40 AM
User since 11/7/11

SE WI - pm hunt on a pond with a little water flow to keep it open. Not all that many ducks but felt like you had a chance with all that were sighted. Managed two greenheads and missed on a woodie. Mainly mallards but there are a few woodies still around.

11/10/19 @ 1:12 PM
User since 6/20/01

Decided to give it one last shot at Theresa on the land I hunt.  Not a thing in the sky until about 7:45 when every goose left in the area decided to drop on the field I was next to.

wound up dropping 2 "Sky Carp", should have gotten 3......

No ducks at all and the geese were limited.

11/9/19 @ 6:40 PM
Its all G
User since 10/29/09

Wow. Had to work today so went to check out conditions after work for tomorrow, disappointing trip. Most water is froze over that we hunt. Pretty short season this year. Even the lakes we hunt are completely froze over. ??

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