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What size rod do you prefer to jig walleye with? Crankbait?

3/20/18 @ 10:19 PM
User since 12/20/10

Just seeing what everyone likes using for a rod size for jigging and casting crankbaits with?

I use 7’ Medium St Croix Eyecon rigged with Pflueger Trion with 8 lb Suffix Nanobraid with 3’ flourcarbon leader for jigging 

I use 7’ medium St Croix Avid rigged with Pflueger Trion with 10lb Suffix Nanobraid with 3’ leader for cranking. 

I would like to get third rod set up for plastics but might like to go with shorter rod. Any input?

5/16/18 @ 12:17 PM
User since 4/9/18


I shot this video running down the different types of set ups I use for jig fishing.

5/4/18 @ 7:12 AM
User since 7/19/03

For rods, you need different weights and lengths.  6.6 to 6.9 ft, ml and med weight, fast tip with nanofil with 3 ft fluro leader for jig and crank casting.  For jigs 1/8th to 3/4  and cranks to 2.5 to 7 inches.  For smaller jigs 1/16th for casting, i like 5.9 ft light weight rod with 4 to 6 lb nanofil and 2 ft fluro leader.  Reels ..I have a bunch of sedonas which are adequate,  but I feel there are better reels.  

Can't wait to try fireline 8 to see if it matches  the casting distance of nanofil. must be very careful when tying knots or it can slip.

Have fun.  Shellfish

3/27/18 @ 4:25 PM
User since 6/25/02

I would go  longer if you are casting light jigs or plastics with a fast tip so the rod can load easily.  Shorter rods give you better control and longer rods give you greater distance.

For vertical jigging it depends upon your boat setup and you seat position.  If your seat is closer to the rail use a shorter rod for better control. Unless you are vertically jigging deep water, I would use mono as the no stretch lines will cause you to rip the hooks out of a fishes mouth unless you use a soft tipped rod or set the hook gently.

I have also converted to Diawa Revros.  High end reels at a reasonable cost.

Just some observations from many days on the water.

3/26/18 @ 3:34 PM
User since 3/16/15

I like 6'6 Fenwicks with 10 pound power pro or Sufix 832. Medium-Light action. This set-up works well casting jigs & pulling smaller crankbaits.

3/25/18 @ 7:06 AM
User since 2/11/12

I generally use a 6'6" Premier or a 7' Triumph, both ML. When the bite is very light I use a light 6'6" Legend Elite I picked up on clearance. All of these rods are fitted with Pflueger Purist reels in the 25 size. I don't know why but I've never really gotten comfortable with a 7' rod. I'm 6'1" but my seven foot rods (I've got a few) just seem awkward.

3/23/18 @ 11:02 PM
User since 1/1/06

I like the drag on the Diawas better. I also use my gear 4-5 days a week from mid February through December. They get abused as the Shimanos seem to wear out quicker. The gears get sloppy in the reel. The Diawas have been holding up way better. Especially in cold weather. For the same price I believe they're a better quality. If you try one, make sure it's the 7 ball bearing. 

3/22/18 @ 3:06 PM
Red Eagle
User since 12/17/16

WalleyeGuy any reason your switching over to Daiwa???

I use Shimano Sedona's and seem to be "good" reels. But I'm always looking to improve.

And yes thinblueline, the MagTouch rods were awesome!!! Why Cabelas discontinued them was beyond me. I can't even find that Carbon Fiber handle on a rod anywhere else. Just makes me sick that they discontinued them.

3/21/18 @ 10:00 AM
User since 1/1/06

My jigging rods consist of a 6'6" medium light extra fast tip St. Croix Mojo Bass, a 6'6" Triumph medium light, 6'6" Medium EyeCon, a 7 foot Premier medium light. My two primary cranking rods are a 6'6" medium Triumph and a 7'6" Okuma Dead Eye medium action with medium tip. I have others but those are the main rods. All of my jigging rods have either 10lb Nanofil or Power Pro Slick 8 with 8lb to 10lb floro leaders tied directly to braid using a uni to uni knot. With my cranking and snap jigging rods I use a small swivel with a 2 foot leader or 10 to 12 lb floro. The floro helps the action of the crank bait. 

All of my reels are either Shimano Sedona or Senora (one of each) or Diawa Revros 2000 series. I'm starting to switch everything over to Diawa. 

3/21/18 @ 9:54 AM
User since 1/25/10
Funny thing Red Eagle, I couldn’t remember what model my Cabela’s rod was that I loved, but I knew it was solid black, super sensitive, and discontinued. As soon as you typed Magtouch, I remembered.

3/21/18 @ 9:35 AM
Red Eagle
User since 12/17/16

I agree with Thinblueline. I have the Cabelas Mag Touch in medium 6'3 and medium light 6'3. To me the medium light is a bit more sensitive. I also pair my medium light with a micro reel which makes it feel super light. Both roda are set up with white power pro 8lb test. White is the easiest line to see under low light conditions. Better than neon yellow in my opinion. I then use a 4' Fluorocarbon leader tied "directly" via blood knot. I do not use a swivel between the fluoro and braid like some do. I can feel that swivel wiggle when I jig and I want complete sensitivity. 

I use ML for most Northwoods applications and eater Walleye. Medium for Green Bay Walleye. I too stay away from the longer rods. 6'3 is plenty long. 

I love the Cabela's mag touch rods and were $70 on sale, but they discontinued them now. I'm looking to pick up a Fenwick Elite ML when they go on sale and try those. I can't justify spending over $200.00 for a rod. Just last year my Dad stepped on my Cabelas Mag Touch rod and busted just the tip off. I was pissed as it was my favorite rod but at least it wasn't a G-Loomis.

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