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PB Walleye - Do you go by length or weight?

10/17/21 @ 8:44 PM
USER SINCE 10/25/16

Haven't really targeted walleye that much, but I recently caught one while kayak fishing with a little swim bait.  Do people go by length or weight when they talk about their personal best walleye? I measured the one I recently caught.  My PB in length is 21 1/4, but I didn't have a scale to weigh it.  If you're interested, the video of this fish is below.  It's caught around the 11 minute mark of the vid if you're interested.  


12/25/21 @ 10:52 AM
USER SINCE 6/17/01

I don't get to fish the trophy walleye fisheries. So my two 27 inches were thrills for me. One from Big Cedar 27 years ago went 7 pounds even. That was a nice fish. 

However I caught a 27 with my Dad more recently. It was 27 inches but more thin. It was clearly a very old fish. It weighed just over 6 pounds.  But catching it with my Dad, having my parents get it mounted for me for Christmas that year made all the difference. It is clearly a special fish for me. 

Someday I may get a bigger one but none could be as meaningful.

11/30/21 @ 11:47 AM

length... 2 at 26.5"... one from the TFF, spring...old guy caught on slip bobber in 30 mph winds... the other came from High Falls, fall... nice looking fish on jig & night crawler drifting a big flat...

lost a much much bigger eye on the Fox river under the bridge at Happy Jacks... not sure it's still called that.. on a wolf river rig with emerald shiner... thought it was a big cat, kinda took me on a tour, but came up into the lantern light... it took off and that Quick reel's drag locked up and it got off....can still see it in my minds eye...still have the reel, never used it again

might be the wrong thread, but the story just took over, lol

11/29/21 @ 2:37 PM

Just my own observation with no speculation. All the big walleyes we have caught over the years go 27'' 7lbs, 28'' 8lbs, 29'' 9lbs, 30'' 10 lbs all weighed and measured but that is only on the lake that we fish consistently. Some times a little more or less like you may get a 24 that is 5 lbs or 6lbs  a football. Mentioned earlier it is the length in the record books



11/24/21 @ 1:59 PM
USER SINCE 8/16/16

Just seen this forum. Funny cause I just told the wife I might get want a scale for Christmas. With no scale I've always went by length. I have never personally caught a walleye over 27 3/4". cant seem to break that mark. Have caught at least 20 over the years over 27". So I'm assuming I haven't broke the 8lb mark yet. Did see a 30" come into my boat by my brother. 

All the big walleyes I have caught have either came from Koshkonong, Castle Rock, Petenwell, or Pepin. Maybe I should try Green Bay for an 8 +.

Peace and Happy holidays!!!


11/23/21 @ 5:19 PM
Fish Hound
USER SINCE 1/29/02

Length for me too, so many fish that come in the boat get measured and never weighed.

My biggest was a late February Walleye from through the ice on Erie that measured 32.5".

11/18/21 @ 9:18 AM
drummer boy
drummer boy
USER SINCE 3/14/08

It has always ben weight all records are by weight.That said a 30 inch eye is a good fish.

11/8/21 @ 3:43 PM
wi river rat

Length for sure.  Was never a walleye fisherman until I hooked into a 27" fish at the Sauk dam in 2008.   I've caught several 27" to 29" inch fish on the Madison chain but have yet to break 30".  Nothing better than setting the hook on a small "tick" that turns out to be an eight to ten pound fish.  I pretty much just use medium fathead minnows. That way I can catch other species as well.  I get bored fast throwing lures.  May you all catch a 30" this fall. Rat.

11/7/21 @ 9:28 PM
LJ Walleye Master
LJ Walleye Master

Here is some beauties!

11/7/21 @ 9:24 PM
LJ Walleye Master
LJ Walleye Master

Size or weight is not as important to me as who was with me when it was caught!

11/4/21 @ 7:30 AM
mac da gaff
mac da gaff

I have been blessed to catch several walleye over 30".  (personnel best 32.5") 

A 30 in. eye from Erie, Green Bay, Lake of the Woods are all great catches and worthy of the money spent at the taxidermist.

That being said all those bodies of water are know for quick growing fish, because their diets are seldom stressed by a lack of forage. A trophy from some waters is a matter of opinion, due to the overall layout of the watershed it has lived in.

I have 3 walleye mounts, a clean bright white and gold 30" from Bay de noc,  a 30.25" old (10.3#) dark walleye from the Wolf River, and a 25" clean golden eye from the Willow Flowage. The age class is in the area of : BDN= 8-10 yrs., Wolf River 15-20 yrs., Willow 8-10 yrs. How many miles did that Wolf River walleye migrate up the river from the lower lakes?

All three fish are special to me because of the place, time, and people I was fishing with when I caught them. That is what I enjoy the most when I admire them.

If it is a pretty fish and you had a great time catching it preserve the moment, that is more important than length or width or weight. 

My 2 cents, Mac

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