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Best trophy walleye and musky lake by Minocqua

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3/12/16 @ 5:00 PM
User since 12/29/06
I would like to spend a week up Minocqua way and would like to ask fellow members which lake would be best for quality walleyes and musky. I have heard the tomahawk would be a good choice. Any inside info would be great. Don't want your secrete spots, just a lake name with a great reputation o trophy fish.


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6/12/22 @ 3:11 PM
User since 1/18/11

An often overlooked area is the FLAMBEAU CHAIN on the reservation in  Lac du Flambeau. 18” walleye minimum, but they are in there. Try Lake Flambeau for Essox, Pogegama (lake Casino on) for walleye. Not speared much since they own it. Just a nite crawler on a slip bob by weedbeds. Crawlers do better than minnows the later you go in year. Can’t give Musky tips, don’t fish em. But many huge ones come out each year.

10/14/21 @ 7:36 AM
Crappie & Eye Chaser
User since 1/26/10

Where is the info for this post and others that have been deleted? Please and thanx in advance!

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