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Small game small bore muzzleloader hunting

9/26/21 @ 12:22 PM
Kayaker 8
USER SINCE 8/28/20

Going to try small bore muzzleloader (.36 cal) for rabbit and squirrel this year.  Maybe buy a muzzle loading shotgun next year.  Anyone else hunt the old fashioned way?


9/27/21 @ 9:18 PM
Kayaker 8
USER SINCE 8/28/20

Hi Duke,

Very cool on the flintlock.  

I do a cap (Thompson Center Seneca) I purchased used at a muzzleloader/trapping swap several years ago.  Took a bit to work up the right charge and patch material.  But this spring started grouping small enough for head shots at up to 50 yards so now feel comfortable to try it.

I use precut patches 0.010" patches and sounds like I have the same Lee mold.  

I want to get my grandchildren started on muzzleloaders to build up patience on the range and hunt.

I will have to try to find that powder and try it after this pound is used up. 

Good luck and safe hunting.

9/27/21 @ 6:24 AM
Duke M
USER SINCE 1/12/09

Yes I do. I have a .36 flint lock poor boy style long rifle with a, (I kid you not), 41" long barrel. These arms can be startlingly accurate. I use a .38 spl. case as a powder measure and shoot 3 fg black powder only, my favorite being Swiss brand but have shot everything I can find.

I get useable field accuracy, (squirrel head), shooting Hornady factory swaged .350" round balls and pillow tick patching, but even better minute of squirrel eye ball at 25 yard accuracy with a home cast .360" round ball from a Lee mould cast from the softest lead I can find, and patched with a tight weave but thinner linen patch material. Patch material always needs to be washed a couple of times to remove the "sizing" in the cloth.

One weekend two day encampment hunt I went 9 for 10 on squirrels with a couple of people tagging along to watch. I even made flints from chert I found on the trail to prove the superiority of a rock lock over a cap gun. On number 10 I had a hang fire when my improvised flint shattered and the squirrel jumped the flash and was missed. One of my witnesses thought it amazing how fast a squirrel can react to that puff of smoke from the pan and a tiny delay in ignition.

A round ball in the melon does not leave a photogenic squirrel head. Arrange carefully for aesthetic pictures. May you find great joy and satisfaction from your endeavor. Oh, and squirrel pot pie!

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